1. M’membe give us names of those that are involved into corruption than this insinuation everyday,you are actually bringing boredom to social media, tax thief.

  2. True they are big thieves.

    That is why they hide their dirty money in Panama.

    Pure conmen ba pompwe, these impotent people.

  3. Thus speaks the man that failed to remit Napsa for his workers.is paying contributors 20% of their savings stealing? Bo Mmeembe better keep quiet.

  4. The law does not prosecute the name of the crime, it prosecutes the name of the criminal. Ba pompwe it you with your friend tax thief who was found guilty by the courts of law. Please you are brining myth to life where a mad person is calling the sane insane. Name them. His money made before he took oath of office is not comparable to money made after talking oath of presidency like your known swindler who stole from a widow and ground the whole Zambia. Ba fikala, bwaba imilomo kwati ichiniyo cha wule.

  5. If Mr. Mmembe has evidence of corruption in the current administration, he has the right and ability to present such evidence to Law Enforcement Agencies.

    Merely saying there is corruption is of no use whatsoever.

  6. He just writes, he doesn’t even believe what he writes. At post, he used to send young journalists on erands to source stories and news. After which he would edit the story, flip it sensationally to make sales to a point where the young journalist would fail to identify the story, however finds their name on top of the story.

  7. @Sob – when corrupt people are close to HH he just calls them to explain and if he believes the explanation then nothing happens. @James – are you in a position to name the young journalists that used to do erands at the post newspaper. It would be interesting to know them.

  8. He is telling us as if we don’t live in Zambia. We also live in Zambia bwana and we know who was corrupt and who is corrupt. UPND can be corrupt if that’s how you see it but we don’t see it that way ourselves. For example, in the previous administration, we used get a meager 1.6 million and not in all the constituencies for that matter, which had no meaningful developmental impact at all but this time, all the constituencies, ma sate point chakuti million and the impact is seen. So we know where the money is going and what it’s doing. Under PF, the government used to lose huge sums of money paying people who were supplying air instead of supplying goods and services. Contractors were being paid without holding a shovel or driving a grader. What corruption can be more than that? If you do any research for these wild unfounded allegations you are making, then you need some experts to help you otherwise your findings are not matching with what is on the ground.


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