By Elias Sakala cic Private Reporter.

LUSAKA ~Lusaka.


The opposition UPND in Lusaka has broken the record in Zambia to be the only opposition party to gift its provincial youths countrywide with Vehicles for mobilizations. The 10 provincial youths from across the country arrived in Lusaka to be guests at the grand opening of the newly constructed UPND National Youth Command Center which was supposed to be officially opened by the party leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema alas the police prevented the ceremony from going on saying that PF had a function too thence clashes where eminent.

UPND Deputy Secretary General for Administration Hon Getrude Imenda flagged off the Vehicles on behalf of the president and on behalf of the party to gift 10 top provincial youths across the country with Vehicles. Hon Imenda said that the youths have the duty to guard the vehicles so jealously and ensure that they serve the sole purpose of their coming.

“These cars are yours take care of them the same way you would take care of your wives because non of you here can share their wife with any man. Therefore these cars treat them with much interests and guard them jealously.
The party has been recieving complaints of saying transport is an issue this and that therefore we have responded with this reply it’s up to you now to look after these vehicles. ” She said.

UPND Deputy National youth Chairperson for Politics Mr Trevor Mwiinde handed over to the provincial youths on behalf of the national youth leadership led by Mr Gilbert Liswaniso .

Mr Trevor Mwiinde was flanked by Deputy National youth Chairperson for Gender Ms Cindy Kauka and Mr Chikota Stephen the Deputy National youth Chairperson for Administration.

And UPND National Provincial youths Spokesperson Mr Lyson Nyirenda thanked the party for the wonderful gesture of recognizing youths ahead of the elections coming. Mr Nyirenda who is also the Provincial Chairperson for Eastern province thanked president Hakainde Hichilema and the entire party assuring that the youths will deliver as they know fully what their duty is.

Mr Paul Mulenga the youth Chairperson for Northern province said that on behalf of his province he will endeavor to see to it that the results of having a car are seen.

Mr Nelson Kalembwe the provincial youth Chairperson for Luapula province said that Luapula was geared for change and the youths have been waiting for that vital mode of transport.

Mr Kangwa Kamando the Deputy youth Chairperson for Copperbelt said that its game on that the youths of Copperbelt are ready to defend and protect both the votes and the president.

Mr Anderson Banda the provincial Chairperson for Lusaka thanked the party president Mr Hakainde Hichilema and said that youths being motivated in that manner means that the president and the party has confidence in their youths.

Mr bruce Kanema the provincial youth Chairperson for Northwestern said that the UPND was very serious and united while PF keep fighting and injuring each other , he said the vehicles given will be protected highly even from PF cadres who may be so much jealous. Mr Kanema warned PF not to keep provoking UPND and the general public saying that things have changed.

Mr Brown Simbeye the provincial youth Chairperson for Muchinga province said that the transport given to the youths was a milestone in the history of Zambia.














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