1. Madam Rachael Chileshe-Katolo try to cool down and stop exaggerations of tribal allegations of appointments in the UPND government. Bitterness and frustration will cause you to make utterances out of anger. Nothing good comes out of anger and bitterness honestly speaking can you compare tribalism and discrimination which happened during the PF regime and the appointments being made in the UPND government. Being talkative and loud does not make you brave and wise, kindly do a self introspection of your utterances and unsubstantiated statements on tribalism.

    Your utterances are spoken out of bitterness the country is stable and it will not be plunged into fire or turmoil as alleged by you. Physical political battles will exhaust you and completely lead you nowhere, Zambia is under the guidance of God Almighty and no individual or group of politicians either in the ruling government or in the opposition political parties can destroy Biblical and Christian foundation of Zambia. Politics of lies and exaggerations will not prevail in Zambia.

    Also, the promises that the UPND government made to the people of Zambia can not all be implemented and achieved in a year or in two years’ time because they are long time development agenda as implementation is being done steadily and concentrating on key priorities.

  2. How come this tribal talk is coming from the Bembas or Northerners only? Given Katuta said in parliament a few days ago that some students were denied bursaries because they were northers. When asked to provide proof she waffled that “it was on Muvi Tv”. She further said that teachers sent to Chiyenge cannot speak a local language and they fail to communicate with the pupils. She further said any one appointed into teaching but not from Chiyenge will be chased. The woman in the video is being nosensical.So if an appointment letter was torn why not get another one? If her nephew qualified he would have been issued with a replacement letter and the HR Officer charged. Please leave Our VP out of your malice .

  3. Who is this woman? Where did she come from? What is her message. Which Zambian doesn’t know that when the head of state is out it is the vice president that acts in his place.


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