By Fox Correspondent
Citizens First (CF) party leader Harry Kalaba has been blocked from entering the campaign area in Nsumbu District of Northern Province.
UPND cadres led by Minister of Sports Elvis Nkandu attacked Kalaba by blocking him from going to the area where he was scheduled to hold campaign meetings.

Nkandu and Kalaba are seen in a heated movement as some UPND cadres are pushing the opposition leader.

The clash was caused by Nkandu and his UPND cadres after they went for Kalaba ahead of the upcoming Mwembeshi by-election scheduled for 1st December, 2023.


  1. Was that an attack or even a clash? It’s very clear that Harry Kalaba was stopped from going where he should not have been going. Being compaign time in that area, Iam sure ECZ allocated time for each participating party to be in a particular place. It seems Harry Kalaba in his over rating of himself just wanted to bulldoze his way.
    Just report the truth, not such lies.


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