1. This is another politician, who believes by attacking HH every day, breakfast, lunch, supper he is gaining milage.
    Given to rule this country, you will also get entangled in the current situation the country is in. Worse for you because you failed to pay benefits to workers in your company and that means a lot with you vying for Presidency of the country. No leadership qualities ba tata.

  2. You failed to struggle and correct the mistakes of PF’s ten years, what mistakes do you have to struggle for in just two years of UPND reign. People were supplying air instead of supplying goods and services and to you it was normal. Children are no longer learning from the floor, to you that’s a mistake. University students have their meal allowances restored, to you, it’s a mistake, CDF is increased to 30.6 million, to you it’s a mistake. Our children are enjoying free education, to you it’s a mistake. There should be something seriously wrong with your mind Sir, probably it is upside down. All the achievements for HH are a mistake to you, olo ni hatred, yours is something else and we have never seen it in the history of this country. Honestly speaking, you are now more boring Thabo before and you no longer make sense to anyone apart from yourself. If you became a president yourself (God forbid), do you think you can change things in two years? Why can’t you be realistic at times? What you are talking about is totally different from what is on the ground, people are seeing the impact, HH and UPND are delivering and will not be detracted by your cheap propaganda. With that character assassination campaign style, nangu mu 2026, labeni ko fye, presidency si muza imyanga ba Sir.


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