Welcome back to active politics but I will be PF president until 2026, Miles tells Lungu

MILES Sampa says former president Edgar Lungu is welcome to active politics but should not claim to be PF president because he will have him cited for Contempt of Court.

Sampa said this yesterday at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on arrival from South Africa.

The Matero member of parliament who assumed the PF presidency after a controversially-convened extraordinary general conference last week said Lungu was only utilising his constitutional right by returning back into active politics despite being advised against it.

“It’s his democratic right, I offered advise before, I mentioned that it wasn’t a good idea. But advise can only be given and it can be taken, or ignored. So obviously, he ignored many Zambians advice that were asking him to stay as a statesman. Stay out of active politics so that he maintains the dignity of the seven years he served as Republican President. Now he is in the battle field, in politics. So I wish him well in his political endeavors, he has the rights to do it, so I can only wish him well,” he said.

Sampa told journalists that Lungu had not been allowed in the party headquarters in Lusaka on Monday because he was no longer a member of the party following his resignation.

He said the former Head of State needed to re-apply for membership and after three years and pray to be readmitted.

Sampa explained that the party constitution did not exempt or favor anyone based on their former positions.

“So everybody who resigned, regardless of the position you held, you can’t just walk in, you have to apply. And the articles are there, and you are given a probation of three years and the central committee will decide to accept him or not,” he said.

Sampa said Lungu’s announcement that he was continuing as PF president was just an opinion.

“As it is, and as it stands, I am the president of the PF and I will be president of the PF be assured until 2026, anyone who masquerades, I will report them to the police for impersonation, same as anyone who impersonates to be leader of opposition.

“As the matter is in court, anyone who claims to be president of the PF when I am, I will instruct my lawyers to cite them for contempt. So president Lungu if he is claiming to be president of the PF, I will cite him for contempt. The matter is however ku Judiciary,” Sampa warned.

CAPTION: PF president Miles Sampa with Mafinga Constituency lawmaker Robert Chabinga who has been appointed Leader of the Oppoition in Parliament.

By Buumba Mwitumwa




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