VIDEO: “what we saw under the PF can only be seen in Hell and not on earth & I mean it ” – Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba


  1. What Wynter M. Kabimba observed and said about PF Kelenka Regime is absolutely true. Actually PF is equivalent to Satanic government on Earth. Despite this glaring truth PF idiots like Indigo Tryol, Sishuwa Sishuwa and many more idiots can’t see this naked truth about PF being a hell club. I submit!

  2. The main difference between an animal and man is that man reasons and learns whereas animals don’t. We experienced the most diabolical, tyrannical, barbaric, brutal, inhumane, selfish and downright moronic governance ever in the whole world and in history. Worse than Hitler and Mussolini combined. It was not perpetuated by the sitting head of state…it was worse…it was done by uneducated, low thinking, non-bathing nincompoops and his own family, both teams he abetted despondently. It actually put late Rupiah Banda’s banana government to shame!

    Now those like Sishuwa and my mbuyas from the East who remain nostalgic were either eating with the thugs or are south of the animal/human dividing line.

    There is no other way to describe them. Honestly how do you get Given Lubinga, Gunyu Masaka, Kaiza, Kampyongo, Chitotela as your leaders…serious nation??? What a shame!!!! Even Kadansa would have been a minister for sure. State President dancing dununa reverse with Air force Commander??? This is a man who can run a country??? Look at the looting done by his very own wife and kids under his watch!!!!

  3. The other message Kabimba stated is: “….UPND will be kicked out in 2026 for a different reason: economic hardship it has caused the Citizens….”. My question is: Which Party will be voted in, to replace UPND? My Guess is: A Coalition or Rainbow of all the Zambian Political Parties (akin to MMD of 1991) headed by PF will take over. Zambian Politicians have a knack and propensity to reinvent and launder themselves in the eyes of the Zambia Voters. We will see all sorts of Deadwood and recycled Politicians, including “useless, vindictive and laud mouthed New Comers” with their
    own “Pocket Agendas” joining together playing Messiahs promising to lift the Zambians from the Economic Quagmire, and as usual the gullible Zambians will swallow the Bait “Hook and Sinker”. Especially if there will be a Fancy Campaign Catch Phraise and a Danceable Campain Song to accompany the Election Campaigns. Us Zambians are easy to Lead.


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