Whoever will have a meeting in the name of PF other than Miles Sampa and SG Morgan Ng’ona should be arrested – PF Mafinga Constituency MP Robert Chabinga


  1. That would be draconian. Political meetings are not a criminal act for which people can be arrested. People are free to meet for political reasons. If they breach internal procedures for holding meetings, they can face disciplinary action within the party without bringing in the police unless internal disciplinary system fails to work and violence breaks out.

  2. This dull grade 2 boy his political career has ended while he’s still under 5. I think there should be a law formulated next year to bar under 5 from politics. Even if you arrest all of us under flimsy grounds, when Hichilema is out of power you, Sampa and the other under 5s, will go in prison for life for abrogating the laws of the land. I can assure you that time will come and it’s coming soon.

  3. Gunner in Zambia, I totally agree with you. But when internal political party wranglers turn into violent clashes , or threaten public security and peace, then the police have a duty to step in to restore law and order.
    We don’t want to go back to those days of panga cadres. Thank God the police acted professionally yesterday even when being publically insulted by PF cadres at the PF secretariat. Had it been in the days of the PF regime, lives could have been lost.

    • Yes, the police acted professionally. Live ammunition was used but it was fired into the air. No one was shot so all is well as peace and quiet were restored. Teargas is a common tool of crowd dispersal when there’s a threat to public order. Live ammunition is like nuclear weapons. They are weapons of last resort and most leaders say they do not want to be the first to use them.


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