VIDEO: You Can’t Use Interpol For Your Political Battles- Chilufya Tayali



  1. Iwe ChilufyaTayali ukwate amo. Please find other things to do in your life rather than just making some noise always. Ubo bupuba ubo cita. Zambia is bigger than you and moreover, no one is celebrating about your issue, because Zambians don’t get interested in jokers who are just time wasters like you.

  2. Here is another RABID DOG. Iwe Tayali, UPND has requested for assistance from INTERNATIONAL POLICE (INTER-POL) because you have run-away from cases in COURT. Otherwise, who do you think you are???!!! Zambia is by far BIGGER THAN YOU ARE!!; FOOL.

  3. UPND cadres you tell people you are very educated and aware of local or international laws.
    Let us educate interpol is not for insulting or speaking out against your president or government.
    HH your trigger happy cadres like Mark Simuwe are just making your image abroad as dictator, next coming years before elections few governments in the developed world will not able to invite you or use as image of democracy

    • Pafwenamwine iwe PF idiot stop talking nonsense. Interpol must catch ypur fellow PF idiot Chilufya Tayali. Zambian Court wants the PF idiot back home to answer court charges.


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