Violence breaks out during protest at Democratic headquarters in Washington


The police and protesters fought outside the Democratic party’s national headquarters on Wednesday. This made many lawmakers leave the building.

Authorities stated that the people who support Palestine and were asking for a stop to fighting were not allowed to gather and were acting in a violent way.

The protestors said that the police in riot gear rushed at them without warning and made them angry.

Six police officers got hurt and one person protesting was taken into custody.

The fight happened at the entrance of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington. Political leaders, including the most important House Democrat, were there for a party.

About 150 protestors outside were shouting “stop fighting now” and their voices echoed in the halls.

The Capitol Police quickly went to the crowd to stop people from getting in or out of the building.

Dani Noble, who came from Philadelphia to protest, said it was bad that peaceful protesters and people in our community were treated violently tonight.

He said the police were grabbing people who are disabled or have chronic illnesses and pulling them to the ground.

At the same time, the police officers said they got pepper sprayed and hit.

Police quickly helped the lawmakers to a safe place inside. More guards are watching the building closely now because bombs were found at the Democratic and Republican party headquarters during the Capitol riot on 6 January.

Brad Sherman, who is a congressman from California, posted on X, previously known as Twitter, that he was just moved out of the #DNC after. The people protesting became aggressive, using pepper spray on police officers and trying to break into the building.

The conflict on Wednesday was just one of many protests happening in the US because people are upset about the war between Israel and Gaza.

On Tuesday, a lot of people who support Israel went to the National Mall in Washington DC to ask for the release of hostages held by Hamas.

Many protests want the US to ask for a stop in the fighting, but President Joe Biden, a Democrat, has refused.

Many Republicans on Capitol Hill are against the idea of a ceasefire. The House punished Democrat Rashida Tlaib for criticizing Israel’s attacks on Gaza. Tlaib is the only Palestinian American in Congress.

However, almost 70% of Americans agree with stopping the fighting, according to a recent survey. Rewrite this text in simpler words: Sure, I can do that.

Hamas went into Israel on 7 October and killed about 1,200 people. They also kidnapped over 200 people. Israel has caused the death of over 11,000 people in Gaza, according to the Hamas-controlled health ministry.


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