1. Except for the gullible and illiterate Voters in both rural and urban areas who get excited over a Song and a Mug of intoxicating Sheki Sheki opague beer, Zambian Voters tend to be rational, level headed and sensible, devoid of Emotions and not easily swayed. When they want to punish their non performing Leaders they will punish and when they want to give a Second Chance to their Leaders they will, through their Vote. To borrow the Phrase of Donald Trump: “Let us wait and see!” For me, I do not lose any sleep, and besides, whichever Party takes over to rule us from this current Party, it will also have it’s own peculiar baggage of Sewage. History is there to attest to this: UNIP, MMD and PF, all of them were not perfect. How could they be perfect when they were led by fallible and corruptible Human Beings?

  2. The pastoral statement issued by Catholic Church is very fair and timely. The New Dawn government should act by taking the observations seriously and find a better way of addressing the concerned raised by the Church.

    For instance, the conduct of the Speaker of the National Assembly in handling internal affairs of the PF was guided and an infringement of democracy. The Speaker of the National Assembly is abusing her authority by assuming the responsibilities of Court of Laws in interpreting the law concerning internal wrangles in PF.

    Also, the government should exercise tolerance with opposition political parties especially when responding to criticism and divergent views on public concerns. The PF government lost power because they became blind and deaf and their stubbornness to silence constructive criticism.

    As observed by the Catholic Church the government should be proactive in addressing Cyber crimes especially on abuse of social media. There is too much abuse of social media by certain individuals.

    The Government equally should quickly address the high cost living on food and fuel. We do appreciate the common explanation by the New Dawn government that the PF government messed up the economy by contracting huge loans and debts and whose funds were abused and mismanagement by corruption and thieving. On the other hand, the government has full responsibility now to address high cost of living especially on mealie meal and on other essential goods commodities like fuel.

    The government should explain in a plain and transparent language the affairs of the nation on economic issues affecting the people than each time blaming the PF government.

    The government should also listen to the cries of the people. The government should fight corruption. Otherwise nothing has in the fight against corruption. The government is still working with the same corrupt public officers in government institutions. We changed political leadership and a few government senior servants majority of the public workers are still the same with the same corrupt mentality. The Zambia Police is the worst corrupt government institution in Zambia and are fond of abusing their authority.


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