Volcanic eruption kills eleven hikers in Indonesia


Rescuers say they found eleven hikers dead near the crater of Indonesia’s Marapi volcano after it erupted over the weekend.

Three individuals were saved on Monday. The search for 12 missing people has been stopped because of a small volcanic eruption.

At the time the volcano erupted, there were 75 hikers in the area, but most of them were safely taken away.

Mount Marapi, a volcano in Indonesia, threw ash 3 kilometers (9,800 feet) into the air on Sunday.

Officials have put in place the second-highest alert level and told people not to go within 3km of the volcano.

Abdul Malik, who is in charge of the Padang Search and Rescue Agency, said that the three people who were saved near the crater were “not feeling well and had some burns. ” Forty-nine climbers were saved from the area on Monday. Some of them were also hurt from burns.

On Sunday, a video showed a big cloud of ash from the volcano spreading in the sky, and ash covering cars and roads.

Rescuers helped bring the dead and injured people down the difficult mountain and onto ambulances with loud sirens.

“Some people got burned because it was really hot, and they have been taken to the hospital,” said Rudy Rinaldi, who leads the West Sumatra Disaster Mitigation Agency.

One of the hikers who was saved was in pain and said “God is great” while being carried by a rescuer. This was reported by AFP news agency.

Jodi Haryawan, who speaks for the local team that looks for and saves people, told the news that it would be too risky to keep looking for people while the volcano was erupting.

Mount Marapi is a really tall mountain in Indonesia on an island called Sumatra. It is 2,891 meters (9,485 feet) high.

The Indonesian islands are located in a place where lots of earthquakes and volcanoes happen because the plates under the Earth’s surface come together there.


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