Vice President Mutale Nalumango says no one should think about arresting Racheal Chileshe for either calling her mad or recording and circulating her private conversation without the consent of the Vice President.

Sources close to the Vice President have revealed that State Police were today geared to pick Racheal up from her residence for breaking some laws and ZICTA policy acts in her unacceptable conduct but that they (Police) have been forced to stop by the Vice President who said God has always dealt with her (Veep’s) matters.

Sources admitted that the Vice President was and still is in pain following Rachael’s behavior but she believes God will heal her pain, saying two wrongs won’t make anything right.

According to reliable sources, the Vice President said she has been receiving calls since yesterday from different people, asking why she decided to directly talk to Racheal but she responded that it is because of how much she hates tribal sentiments regardless of where they are coming from.

She said announcing or not announcing acting role is nothing but pay attention to those who want to divide the nation on tribal lines. She said the young lady-meaning Racheal is wrongly setting up a tribal agenda by dragging her name into it.

Tribalism must not find its space into our corridors of doing politics.



    • I totally agree with your comment my sister: Lunatics and Tribalists, we will always have amongst us, bakulekafye!! And they are incapable of changing!!!

  1. This is the problem right now.

    If this lady has committed a crime, she should be arrested.

    Why are politicians now telling the police who they can or can not arrest?

    Now you understand that no one gets arrested unless Hakainde says so.

  2. Good advice my vs president. Let us here more from ifisushi with their stinking thinking because soon will they be speaking out at bamayo Nalumango is afraid of being exposed by Racheal.
    Wise leaders will always remain resolute and stick to working toward the go.

    I salute you mama. Let those who have no direction keep on talking rubbish when you are working for them.

    • She has not committed any crime, and the VP would not sleep at night if the police arrested her on trumped up charges, which would eventually have been thrown out of court. That is commendable.

      Had it been Hakainde, it would have turned out very ugly.

  3. She is a good and religious leader and Jews must take a leaf from her. She is leaving things to God but Israelis want to kill every Palestinian in revenge. Yet they claim God is on their side. How can chosen people start a war in this temporary life we live in when they should know there will finally be judgement?

  4. Instead of engaging in a sober conversation, Rachel Chileshe sought to annoy or provoke Vice-President Mutale Nalumango. I think that was her goal. She doesn’t sound erudite in her conversation style. I have listened to the audio. Her interpersonal skills are underdeveloped.


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