Lusaka Province Minister  Bowman Lusambo claims “David Phiri III” (Daev Zambia) was very careless on the road, which resulted into a traffic Accident.

Mr Bowman Lusambo disclosed the above statement as he featured on a radio show, He further said he was there and witnessed how the Accident happened and he could tell that Daev was drunk while driving.





  1. Lusambo why not comment with leadership maturity and take an advisory stance when a young life has been lost? Being a leader expectations placed on you are exemplary! Therefore a statement to the effect that when on the road extra care should be taken seriously by every road user otherwise the country will continue losing young promising citizens! Young people should focus their lives on the greatness that they have potential to contribute to the future of the country! May the souls of the departed find peace in God’s hands!

  2. ba boma we dont talk anyhow,muntu wafwile kaa its not politics if you have nothing to talk about its beta to keep quite chapwa…becoz tuchili tulelila

  3. I like people like Lusambo who don’t have the hypocrisy of sugarcoating the truth. The Truth is Daev did not have good friends! Better to have friends who rub the bitter truth in your face than fake friends who cheat you that all is well when in reality you are headed for the 6 feet pit!
    When we were growing up, our parents used to sit us around the fire to teach us about how to live wisely in this fragile life! If it was not for the bad friends Daev had, he would still be with us. Imagine how many songs he would have done by the age of 50! But to have a life cut short at 25 due to some careless overtaking of an abnormal load truck without following instructions from the escort vehicles is tragic!


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