UPND Northern Province Chairperson Justin Mumbi says time is up for GBM and he should retire to re-build his family after his lost opportunity in politics.

Mr Mumbi says GBM lost out completely after his own exit from UPND where he had earned himself some dignity as Vice President and a runningmate.

“It is sad that he is trying to regain his lost glory and opportunity by using hatespeech and tribalism a concept highly unacceptable in the whole world. we will not allow him to attack our President who is now the people’s choice.” said Mumbi.

Mr Mumbi said Zambia is a nation belonging to all and no one can claim any region.

And youths from Muchinga and Luapula provinces have reorganised themselves to ensure that they defend President Hakainde Hichilema because Zambians need a President who will attend to their plight.

The youths said GBM should know that people in Northern, luapula and Mchinga still remember everything he said about PF stealing and corruption in government.

They said GBM should know that they are aware that he is attacking President HH because he wants to earn a living and take care of his family.

The youths said GBM lies are evident and no one believes in him.

They have also warned PF CADRES against attacking journalists featuring President Hakainde Hichilema.

“Enough is Enough we shall deal with you should you continue to attack our President who has proved to the country that he means well and has the capacity to Fix the economy which the PF has destroyed.”



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