The prime minister of BArotseland, Ngambela Mukela Manyando

Address constitution to identify us as Barotseland

WE ARE BAROTSELAND, NOT OTHERWISE – NGAMBELA … And says Musokotwane was among officials sent to engage BRE

The Ngambela (prime minister) of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Mukela Manyando says there should be a constitutional amendment or even a presidential declaration to refer to Western Province as simply Barotseland. And Manyando… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/address-constitution-to-identify-us-as-barotseland


  1. It’s correct that you are Barotseland. The only thing you have to ascertain are your borders. We certainly know the political boundaries of Western Province but it will be important that you show us the boundaries of Barotseland.
    The current map in circulation is really misleading. Your ” authority” does not have authority in most areas depicted.

  2. Nothing wrong in my opinion calling western province as barotseland, thats in fact a more fitting name than western province. Calling these provinces by there geographical location such as Southern Province Eastern, Northern Central, is like someone naming his child as Junior, or Mpundu why, as if names have finished and you are just scrounging. Barotseland Province good, super name, Luapula Muchinga good names, so I second the idea.

  3. Barotseland remains a Fool’s paradise!
    It does not exist, except in a handful of senile minds!
    They will die trying!
    There remains no country called Barotseland!
    The fact that Barotse anarchists are now talking means they are trying to take advantage of the weak leader we have in President HH!
    His fatal mistake is trying to be loved by everybody!
    That only works with Ice cream and not Statecraft!
    KK was right about his misgivings about the ability of this man to maintain the territorial integrity of Zambia!


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