Submitted by Mr Joseck Kunda.

This is the input and observations we expect to get from all our active members of the Organization. A wholesome and meaningful contribution indeed!

Once again thanks a lot Mr. Blammar Shimangwala our Ithedzi thedzi representative for coming out that way on the need to regulate Social Media and participate meaningfully in the development of our Country. It is sad that many of our members have remained mute and inactive on all matters affecting our Nation.

Others are quite and only react when they feel hurt about some articles. We all need to remember that we have a responsibility to contribute equitably in developing this Country. While we have a Government in place with the mandate to rule and preside over national issues, we are important stakeholders and at the end of the day, we will be affected by every decision made by the Central Government.

Recently when the Republican President His Excellency Dr. Hakainde Hichilema declared Draught as a Disaster, he called on everyone be it the Church, the Civil Society Organizations, Traditional Leaders, Political Parties, the Private Sector, Business Communities and the International Donors to come on board and help in resolving the economic crisis we are facing!

Last week, I had a privilege vising some districts in Southern Province starting with Kazungula, Livingstone, Zimba, Kalomo, Choma, Namwala, Bwengwa, Monze, Magoye, Pemba, Chisekeshi, Mazabuka, Chikankata and Nega – Nega. I also made a stop over in Kafuel Town before reaching Lusaka.

Colleagues this year is a Disaster! This natural calamity must not be underestimated. We are in for trouble. The crops have literally withered and dried up. This disaster is more than Hunger! Chances are high that this situation may culminate into a Famine!

I am not trying to be an alarmist neither am I creating a fearful impression. Politics aside we all need to come together to see how best we will fight and overcome this natural calamity that has struck our nation. I strongly feel that the Government has not fully comprehended the extent of the disaster. I hope that DMMU is not taking this matter lightly.

If possible the Vice President Her honor Mrs. Mutale Witika Nalumango must urgently constitute a Special Team under her Office that must include independent people comprising members from the Church, Civil Society Organizations, Traditional Leaders, Skilled Men and Women who delve in collection of Data and Information who must be tasked to undertake a robust and gigantic role engaging all our people across the Country.

It is shocking that waters in the Zambezi river at Kazungula Bridge are below the knees in many places. Fishermen are using the spears and simply catching the fish without using any fishing methods.

Yes we have had draughts in 1991 and 2001 but this year’s draught is incomparable! It’s the worst of it’s kind in the history of this Country. We must anticipate critical shortages of water not only for electricity generation but for domestic use in our homes.

Many homes especially in towns are not dependent on the supply from water utility Companies. Instead people have sunk boreholes. Due to the erratic rains this year, the ground will not be fully saturated and the foregoing will contribute to the water table sinking deeper in the ground.

There is a need engaging Borehole drillers once again to drill deeper in the ground. Additionally there will be a critical shortage of animal feed for those rearing some animal husbandly. As a result, the prices of Chickens, Meat products and other Daily products are likely to skyrocket.

We can not rule out the fact that food will be scarce and this will result in Malnutrition and Kwashiorkor not only among the children but also the elderly. Ailments like Diabetes, HIV, TB and several others have much to do with lack of necessary foods. Having a health and balanced diet is key for many of us to survive.

For instance ever since I was personally diagnosed to be a diabetic and hypotensive patient, I have been spending more money on my food than I used to in the past. I have also discovered that healthful foods are more expensive. I no longer eat any food that comes my way.

I am therefore calling on every thinking citizen of this Country to face the impending situation with liberalness, reasonableness, calmness and with soundness of mind. This disaster is real! Politicians must avoid using this situation in order to create a mileage out of it.

Remember the common expression, ‘If you are not infected, you are affected’.

Joseck Kunda – National Ambassador, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for the Movement for Promoting National Values and Principles.


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