We are not afraid of them… they are childish and sensitive, Nevers Mumba responds to ZANU-PF


We are not afraid of them, Nevers responds to ZANU-PF … they are childish and sensitive

We are not afraid of them, says chairperson of the SADC Electoral Observation Mission in the just ended Zimbabwe general elections Dr Nevers Mumba.

The Zimbabwean ruling party, through treasurer Patrick Chinamasa, has sent chilling threats towards Dr Mumba and President Hakainde Hichilema for being what they term as lackeys of western imperialism and warning that they would live to regret.

But speaking with Daily Revelation, Dr Mumba said those attacking him were just childish and sensitive and that he was not afraid of them.

Chinamasa accused the late president Levy Mwanawasa of having started the anti-Zimbabwe crusade, accusing him of having been used by former British prime minister Tony Blair to use Zambia as a base to attack Zimbabwe, but Dr Mumba who served as Mwanawasa’s vice-president at one point, said Mwanawasa was angry with what was happening in Zimbabwe but his goal was not regime change as all he wanted was democracy to be restored there.

“So I can only speak as having been part of his team. But he never ever shared with us that he was involved in any desire for a regime change. So it’s very unfair to accuse a man who is not with us,” Dr Mumba said, adding that people must understand that Zambia still exercises freedom of expression and there is nothing wrong with the president getting angry at something. “And to connect me with the president to any plan of regime is being childish. I think they are just sensitive.”

Dr Mumba also defended himself against Chamisa’s assertions that he was a disgrace and a lackey of… http://dailyrevelationzambia.com/we-are-not-afraid-of-them-nevers-responds-to-zanu-pf-they-are-childish-and-sensitive/


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