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If Edgar Lungu was President and this cash and gold scandal happened at the Airport, he would have been grilled by Civil Society Organizations and the Church, PF presidential aspirant Mutotwe Kafwaya has observed.

Kafwaya said this in relation to the revelation that DEC seized a private Jet that was scheduled to leave the country with at least US$ 11 million in cash and some suspected Gold.

He said it is unfortunate that the only hope the country has the natural resources are being stolen and exported outside the country by those privileged to issue licenses for the planes to land.

Speaking when he featured on tuesday’s Hot seat radio programme on hot FM, Kafwaya said it is painful for such things to happen in a country that is hammered by hunger.

“The gold can go a long way in making the lives of the Zambian people better. I am disappointed, I feel so bad, talking is terrible this morning. You cannot be talking about Gold being stolen through the airport,” he said.

He said, “This is when we are seeing bukawalala of the highest order.”

Kafwaya said he feels vindicated by his earlier statements that natural resources are going to finish because of the loot taking place.

He complained that the quietness of the Civil Society now, would not have been the same under the former president Lungu arguing that they would have been vocal.

“Can you imagine Edgar Lungu is the president and the plane lands in Zambia with a reason to get the gold which has been processed and the money to fly out of the country. Can you imagine how the Civil Society would react, can you imagine how the politicians would react, today this is what DEC and the police are looking at the airport. If Edgar Lungu was president, he would be grilled, Civil Society would be on his neck, it is very unfortunate I think Edgar Lungu walichulile,” he said.

Kafwaya has since called for a thorough explanation regarding the private Jet in question.

He said if the plane is allowed to leave, then the Zambia Revenue Authority must allow all the impounded trucks belonging to the Zambians to be set free.

“Planes cannot land in the country without permission, it has all the permission. Somebody should explain this to the Zambian people. Sugilite was stolen in Kabwe, what we get is people who caught that plane to be fired. What you will get is the story dying down like the sugilite story,” he said.


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