Tuesday, October 31, 2023


My fellow Zambians, on the 28th of October this year, the president of the Patriotic Front (PF), Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, issued an invitation to progressive opposition political parties in our nation to rise up in defence of democracy.

Zambia Must Prosper (ZMP), as a political party, believes in social justice, believes in economic justice and believes in legal justice. Historically, before slavery, before colonialism, before our independence and before any political party was formed in this nation, we all had our destinies intertwined.

Our destiny was not a mistake. That’s how God the Almighty intended it to be. We need, therefore a new declaration of independence and a new declaration of emancipation from poverty.

The legal integrity of our nation is at stake. Our nation has experienced serious assaults bordering on occasioing actual defilement of our democracy. The actions in the recent past week by the police, under the instructions of the UPND government, have contaminated every institution of governance.

If we don’t stand up and defend our democracy, this will spread like a pathological infection in our social, political and democratic anatomy which will stay with us like an untreated disease.

Zambia Must Prosper wants posterity to know that it will protect and defend democracy by standing, jointly connected like Siamese twins, with all progressive opposition political parties. We as Zambia Must Prosper totally accept to join forces with the Patriotic Front president, Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s call in defence of democracy.

The legacy of our nation is at stake. So, we must all rise and agree to change the course of our nation’s destiny. Zambia Must Prosper, therefore, accepts to defend democracy until we see that the UPND government leaves office.

Zambia Must Prosper


  1. It funny to hear such comments from Mr. Fube. Is he not the same person who did the exactly the same thing in 2015 by waking up judges in the middle of the night to install the former president ECL? Has he just known today that it is wrong to do such a thing? If anything, Mr. Fube and group in PF at the time introduced this crooked behavior and he should not complain when it works against him.

  2. The score stands at 1:1.
    Recall what you did to Samoa and others when you were voting using pangas and legs, followed by waking up judges at mid-night.
    Seeing you were in the forefront, there is no need to remind you
    Now, be guided that EL is not president of PF; he resigned.
    As per PF constitution, he has to start all over again. . At the ward

  3. We now know how deceitful this crook is. Nobody in the wildest dream would vote for this common thief!
    Please stay away from this convict and if you don’t know his history, just check his record at LAZ! Ngu kabwalala, thief, ulabba!

  4. KBF you are the one who was part of the team that perpetrated undemocratic election of Edgar Chagwa Lungu by raising of hands in Kabwe. A part from that you went to wake up High Court Judge in the night to sign injunction order can you call that to be democracy?

    What democracy are you talking about?

  5. Look at this ma who says he will defend democracy, which other democracy does he know apart from the one he disrespected? From afar he looks to be a genuine person but from near, he is different, That’s why PF and UPND Alliance failed to give him any position.


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