Monday June 5th, 2023

In my banking past professional life I headed a reconciliation department of a bank. I am therefore aware that no money ever goes missing in the financial system as there is always a paper trail to show its movement. A concept of credits (money in) and debit (money out).

So when the K65M cash was retrieved from some house in Lusaka, it was taken to a Bank and deposited. At that point a paper trail started. Cash received by a bank cashier led to a debit in the cash account of the bank and a credit to a beneficiary account namely the ACC bank account. The cash was then taken to the BOZ by the Bank and a credit entered into that commercial bank’s account at BOZ.

Next the ACC issued instruction to its Bank to transfer the money to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) account at the BOZ. So a debit (minus K65M) was posted onto the ACC account and a credit (plus K65M) made to the Commercial Bank account at BOZ. Then a debit (-) was made onto that commercial bank account at BOZ and then credit (+) made into the MOF account (Control 99).

It’s as simple as above and it for the Ministry of Finance to state what they did with the K65M that was credited to them. If not then must have remained unreconciled lying idle in some account at BOZ for the commercial bank where the ACC holds an account.

I have worked before with the current secretary to Treasury (ST) Felix Nkulukusa and know him as some astute above board gentleman that is not into shortcuts. He’s also not media shy to express himself when need be and this is one of those moments. The ball is on the ST table to tell the nation where the K65M is if not missing as being speculated in some media circles.

The fight against corruption is vital to the development of our country and we can not afford to cast aspersions on the Anti Corruption Commision (ACC) itself. Its Board chairman Musa Mwenye has stated the commission’s position by giving the exact date when the K65M was debited out of the ACC commercial bank account.

So the ST Felix Nkulukusa should reconcile and balance our minds and state where BOZ or MOF took the K65M. It’s the ST’s duty to account for all public credits (money in) and debits (money out).

We demand immediate answers on where the K65M is or what it was use for and by whose instructions.

Miles B. Sampa, MP
Chairman : Africa Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption (APNAC)


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