An ugly scene recently reared its head, when suspected PF thugs attempted to disrupt a radio interview featuring UPND President Hakainde Hichilema at Mufulira’s Mafken radio station.

The attackers had surrounded the radio station were only repelled by other citizens which were joined by police.

Some of the alleged PF thugs are reportedly admitted to hospital nursing injuries after the public disturbances.

Meanwhile, the Mufulira District Commissioner (PF), Mike Manda has blamed the UPND for causing the trouble.

“It was reported that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema had sneaked into Mufulira with his members who came from out and within Mufulira to have a live radio interview. He was driven in a Toyota vvti.

“Upon arrival in Mufulira, Hichilema, in the company of his district leadership, was taken to one the offices at ZSIC building in the CBD and received a live Radio interview by a Mufken FM staff.

“During the interview , known and unknown upnd cadres who had earlier stationed one of their members on the rooftop of ZSICC building, without being noticed by the police,” he alleged.

“The upnd cadre was seen giving signals to the others members who were hiding. They came out of their hiding and started attacking anyone seen around the area. Among those attacked is a Zambian National who just arrived from the USA. He came to visit his relatives in Chibolya.

“The UPND members were brought to the area in a Canter light truck and a bus belonging to a kankoyo upnd losing candidate in 2016.

“The affected citizens were attacked using teaser guns, slaps, short buttons and stones. A report at Zambia Police station which is very close to the scene yielded no results as the police officers only came to the area later in the day after the attack,” he went on.

He claimed that Hichilema was later driven to unknown residence in eastley where he is believed to have met his Mufulira district leadership.

Mike Manda has since demanded for an explanation from the police officers as to why they did not rush to the scene when the whole incidence was reported to be taking place so that citizens could be protected.

” I will not allow this unruly behavior to take place in the district. Our Republican President, HE DR ECL believes in peace and all Zambians regardless of their political affiliation must emulate the President. Zambia is country of laws, and I expect police officers to enforce the law without segregation.

“The whole incidence took place very near to the police station and we have police officers at Zesco and the banks just close to ZSICC building. It is therefore unacceptable that the police failed to handle the situation so that law and order is maintained, thereby citizens lives could be safeguarded”. Manda Said.

He urged the Police to investigate the matter and arrest all upnd members involved in the brutal attack on innocent members of the public.

However, Hichilema said that as a party they do not believe in violence but will defend themselves if attacked. He has since praised the state police in the manner the force handled the situation,

“I am grateful for the professionalism of the Police in Mufulira who came to protect our colleagues in the studio. A special thank you to the citizens of Mufulira who also defended the station from violent PF thugs. I love you all,” he said.

Apparently, this is not the first time, PF youths have been known for trying to disrupt Hichilema’s appearances and radio interviews.


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