we have no business to do with civil servants like Brian Mwiinga and Clayson Hamasaka – Koswe



The Board and Management of Koswe would like to put records straight for the betterment of the nation.

We have seen in the last 48 hours how some deranged and bipolar misfits have gone to social media accusing innocent people as being the Admins of Koswe.

To start with, Koswe is an independent news organisation that doesn’t depend on the pocket or coffers of any individual or government.

Our service is to the people of Zambia and so is our loyalty. We do not have any business with any powerful president, be it Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, or our own Hakainde Hichilema.

Having said that, we equally have no business to do with civil servants like Brian Mwiinga and Clayson Hamasaka who are being accused of being Admins of Koswe.

Koswe is here to stay! Today, you may kill Brian Mwiinga and Clayson Hamasaka but Koswe will still cover their funeral including covering the funeral of those who will kill them. Silelo Tayamba!

The so-called Brian Mwiinga and Clayson Hamasaka do not qualify to work for Koswe and we will never employ them. We don’t employ civil servants or party aligned cadres like Emmanuel Mwamba.

Koswe was here during PF and Kampyongo was 24/7 together with Lungu plotting to kill this news organisation and also if Zambians have memories, PF actually arrested some people in Solwezi said to have been running Koswe and that Brian Mwiinga, Hamasaka or indeed any other accused by deranged and classical despots were never anywhere near.

Zambians must also learn to differentiate normal and abnormal people and that those accused should also give room to accusers to make more wild allegations especially on platforms the liars and own or run for ease trace and police and court use.

By the way, when you defame someone for the first time, court may slap you with a lesser punishment but when you become a second offender and complainant says this one must rot in jail, surely, the court can simply say you don’t repent and don’t deserve to be among those moving freely outside job.

To those being accused as being part of this might news organisation, gather more evidence and if you don’t know how to do it, just keep taking screenshots of all those accusing and especially on their personal pages and then report to police for criminal defamation, libel and some of these are very punitive and court will do the rest as they have always done.

We have also noted that some PF members are demanding that this news organisation be closed by the UPND government. Sheepish thinking. How can UPND close Koswe when you as then might PF failed to close it? UPND does not own us. We are independent and if there was need to cut down media freedom in Zambia, perhaps the start should be with all PF pages spreading lies and tribalism like Patriotic Front, Smart Eagles, Zambia Reports, Grindstone TV, and several other tissue Newspapers.

Otherwise, we are here to stay and check for our address please.

In fact, when we report about you, it means you have really developed uncoordinated thinking and for us, we have no size, ask Edgar Lungu. Anyone who steals or does anything against Zambia, we go for your boxers and bra.

So, he who alleges, must prove, so, go prove each other in court or on your personal pages and those accused, take screenshots of the postings and give to police and lawyers for jailing. It appears those accused to be part of this news organisation don’t know how to make free money and become rich by such accusations. Ask Dora Siliya and others who have been defamed, you can make cool cash or make accusers dance Pelete all their way to Chimbokaila.

Otherwise, Koswe is here to stay.



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