We Have Officially Reported This Hate Speech Against The Youths Of Southern Province To Law Enforcement- Sikaile Sikaile



Press Statement for Immediate Release

We have officially reported this hate speech against the youths of Southern Province to law enforcement. This is in response to the video that has been trending online, where a well known PF member Mr. Jackson Chama has said that all youths from the Southern Province will never be given any opportunity in the government once the UPND government leaves office. He went on to say that all Tongas will be wiped out of the civil service immediately there is a change of government.

We seek an explanation for these hateful remarks. We saw this policy of hatred almost succeeding under the PF administration, where Mr. Chama is a full-time member. We are Zambians, and does it mean all Tongas are in politics or government positions today?

Fellow citizens, you can do your politics without threatening other people’s lives because of their tribe, which they did not choose to be born into. To us, these remarks imply that something is being engineered to punish all youths from this region when there is a new president or government in the future, and we will not take this lightly. We will pursue this matter until we see justice.

We need to respect everyone and every tribe. Every region and tribe is equal in Zambia; no one should behave as if they are superior to others. We have endured a lot of insults and discrimination for too long. Under the PF administration we were called rats, dogs and all kinds of names. If we are not considered Zambians, tell us where we belong and provide evidence before treating us like aliens. Some of us work for ourselves; we have never been in the government nor received a government business or contract. Yet, you still plot evil against us. What wrong did we do?

For all those who are inciting tribal hatred, the law will deal with you accordingly. Tell people your vision for all Zambians, not just a specific tribe or the Tongas.

Have a great evening.




  1. This kind of tribal confrontation will cost Zambians heavily if left unchecked.No tribe can have all bad people.This is something we all have to understand.No Zambian should be ill treated because of tribe tag.Zambians are one .Anything dividing and deicriminatory must be faught by all of us regardless of our tribel belonging.From Berlin


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