Lazarus Chakwera

Bakili Muluzi promised every Malawian a pair of shoes. After winning, he asked: “Do I know the shoe-size of every Malawian?”

Like Muluzi, Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has turned on Malawians for demanding a million jobs the Tonse Alliance promised during campaign.

Chakwera whose popularity is taking a steep deep says his government cannot employ one million people because the civil service can only accommodate two hundred thousand (200,000) workers, indirectly revealing that he lied to Malawians.

Speaking during an event to mark 100 days of his administration, Chakwera argued that government is the biggest employer in the country and this need to be changed.

Despite his administration promising to create one million jobs, Chakwera said it is up to people in the country be innovative in order to create jobs.

“Let everyone think how best can I create something that can employ 15 or 20 or 200 people and beat government,” he said.

Chakwera who also promised to abide by the rule of law, has also come under heavy fire for failing the Gender Equality stimulus test.

During Monday’s event, the Malawi leader suggested that he has not been appointing women because he is unaware of capable women or where to find them. He asked gender rights activists to give him a list of capable women that he can appoint. – Malawi24


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