James Lukuku

By Florence Muyunda cic Private Reporter



It has come clear to all how much Lukuku meant to Zambian politics and the heart he had for poor Zambians. Lukuku was the alliance partner spokesperson and at all time he made sure that he defended what is good for the people of Zambia.

This time when HH is being fought left, right and center by the surrogates of PF like Edith Nawakwi ,Sean Tembo, Tayali, Chanda and many more Lukuku would by now strongly and factually responded to to this obstructors of change. All these surrogates not long ago agreed that PF was supposed to go because it had run down our economy and that PF has broken down the rule of law in Zambia but now because they have realized that HH is about to replace Lungu it is paining them because of jealous, because of a tribe HH comes from and because of the payment and promises Lungu has given them. If Lukuku was arrive today this nonsense wasn’t going to be there hence questions who KILLED Lukuku? And why is it that the party in power FAILED even to send a simple message of condolences when he died? Was it a CALCULATION by someone to say by this time he should not be there?

Lukuku defended HH publicly than anyone during his time as a spokesperson for the alliance. But now all the opposition alliance partners are quiet at a critical time of being there for each other HH is being fought very hard the alliance is very quiet a move that has left alot to be desired

Since the fall of Bill 10 PF has funded a full campaign against HH just to make sure that he is not on the ballot next year by making sure that they send the lone political party leaders to attack him for being a biggest opposition leader. It was Nawakwi then came Tayali and now Sean Tembo tomorrow it will be pastor Chanda,etc taking one man and one case to Court and there is no one on HH’s side

My call goes to the churches, NGOs, Unions and all those Zambians who told UPND to reject Bill 10 to be on the side of HH during this time of Bill 10 fall persecution he is going through. You must all know that the reason HH is being fought is for making Bill 10 fall.

Let people not under rate these surrogates they’re capable of making sure that HH is eliminated from the ballot reason, they’re funded by the state and the state controls the system(break down in the rule of law) what if they take HH to court then they give you a magistrate in the name of Simusamba or Judge Chitabo do you think HH can survive a conviction? The time for all Zambians to stand up is now. Indeed Lukuku will be missed

Continue resting in peace comrade we have falied to fill the gap you left so far



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