Today, our country is bedeviled with a lot of difficulties; ranging from the economy, politics and social issues.

There is an intensifying crisis of governance, rule of law, democracy and social cohesion in Zambia under Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.

The sharp rise in repression, ethnic bigotry, grand corruption, tribalism and many other vices has left a dark spot on the unity, patriotism, and democracy of our country. The truth is, things are no longer the same anymore. This country is deeply divided. It is in unfathomable problems. Political competitors, private citizens, and other critical voices are degraded and brutalized through unseen repression, and hardship without any tolerance and restraint.

It is no longer a secret that Mr Hichilema has set this country on a risky path of destruction. The thoughtless manner in which this administration has been circumventing the law and abusing state institutions is a clear testimony of the illegitimate intentions of this administration.

Mr Hichilema and the UPND have literally incapacitated the rule of law and constitutional order in the country, and are going about their daily business with impunity, without oversight or regard for the ethical, cultural, political and economic consequences of their actions.

They have been unashamed with their systematic destruction of state institutions with the single resolve of reigning with fear and terror. But what is the end game? For how long will they be on this path before the citizens push back? What type of country do they think will be built and developed on the back of repression, tribalism, corruption, and so on and so forth?

Mr Hichilma needs to know that a leadership that reigns with force, fear, and terror, and is devoid of consent and understanding of the citizens, ends up in grief. This country has come a long way to come and self-destruct in such a manner. There is need for stakeholders – the Church, political parties, civil society, traditional leaders, among many others – to find a clear path that can strengthen and repair relationships, nurture a deep sense of political and cultural or ethnic harmony as well as achieve consensus on critical economic, governance, development and democracy problems.

We need a sincere National Dialogue on Values, Governance, and Constitutionalism, Human Rights, Reconciliation, the Economy, Social Cohesion, and many more. We need to begin to find collective solutions to these problems.

Things are not going well. Let us avert any future and worse crises now. There is a need to build social cohesion and trust before the 2026 general elections.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. The bitterness and jealous will kill Fred M’membe. Please stop hallucinating and spreading lies things in Zambia are going well. There is no break down in the rule of law and stop to talking about tribalism.
    The style of Fred M’membe’s politics is archaic and worthless. No sane government can hold a dialogue with a desperate and mischievous person like Fred M’membe who spends much of his time talking about unreasonable things.

  2. Things are going well for us Zambians that did not benefit from OF plunder. What we need is speeding up these court cases so that you are all jailed and tainted wealth returned to the state

  3. Mmeembe what will you dialogue on? HH HH HH HH HH and HH that is all you talk about. Your jealousy over HH superexceeds your common sense.

  4. When you tell Mr. Hichilema all this Fred advise he thinks you are fools. He thinks he’s too powerful to listen to anybody. But when the power he’s wielding disappears that’s when he realize that he should have been listening to Fred Mmembe and others. There’s no human power that is permanent! Even Kenneth Kaunda wield so much power at one time, but there came a time he no longer had that power, and he would be arrested by the same police he used to arrest political opponents like his childhood friend, ShiMpundu Mwansa Kapwepwe, Justin Chimba, Musonda Chambeshi, etc. “What goes round, comes around” goes the old English adage!

    • As long as fuledi continues yaku matako you can continue with your yakumbuyo dialogue with all the other Matero Dr’s. So @Mukuka be sincere with you matako master, IDIOT!!!!!!!!


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