WE NEED GOD’S INTERVENTION….in order to overcome the many challenges the country is facing at the moment, says Hon Kampyongo



….in order to overcome the many challenges the country is facing at the moment, says Hon Kampyongo

Lusaka… Sunday February 25, 2024 (SMART EAGLES)

Former Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo says Zambia is currently going through so many economic, political, social and other challenges hence the need to seek God’s intervention.

Hon Kampyongo says the country has witnessed continued dry spells which will affect the harvest.

The Shiwang’andu Member of Parliament said this at Reformed Church of God Chawama branch when he and his Chawama counterpart Hon Tasila Lungu Mwansa joined the faithfuls in celebrating the Mass.

The mass was presided over by Reverend Jonathan Zulu.

“It is not a secret that things are tough in the country. We have dry spells which is affecting the agriculture sector and may also have an impact on hydro power generation, we have serious economic challenges among other challenges. But in all these tribulations, where do we run to? We run to God almighty and that’s why we need his intervention as a country,” he said.

“Also take time to pray for us leaders. We go through a lot in our journey as politicians. We can only make it if we are guided and strengthened by God. You have seen even your MP (Hon Tasila Lungu), she has gone through and at some point she may think of stepping aside. But it’s through your prayers that she is still here standing and working for yoekuk is tough just like her father.”

The Opposition Parliamentary Chief Whip also encouraged the congregants to pray for men of God as they also need the grace of God to continue ministering the word of God.

“Us in PF believe in prayers and that’s why we dedicated a day to pray to God. And our colleagues used to mock us about prayers but now they have seen the importance of prayer. And they are calling for prayers,” he added.

Hon Kampyongo and his team also proceeded to join the Catholic faithfuls at Regina Pacis Parish in Chawama.

The mass was presided over by Fr. Salangeta.

And in his homily, Fr Salangeta encouraged the Christians to pray and fast during this Lenten season.

He jokingly informed the congregants not do this kind of fasting that the nation has been subjected to, but the one that requires them to connect with God


  1. Ka ex katondo money exchanger which god are you calling on. I hope it is not the god of the Hebrews who are killing Palestinians.
    By the way it was your ELC who was borrowing and you were stealing together from borrowed money

  2. God has given us all we need to develop and have a reasonable standard of living. But greed and laziness has robbed us of our happiness.

    Political leadership is viewed as a shortcut to wealth and not a chance to serve people. We are a nation of low integrity levels even among so called Christians. God has already intervened but we want him to deliver on our terms!


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