Patriotic Front Chifubu member of parliament Frank Ng’ambi

COPPERBELT PF presidential campaign manager Frank Ng’ambi says the PF has no choice but to win the presidential vote.

And former Nchanga PF member of parliament Chali Chilombo says it is painful to be in the opposition.

Ng’ambi said this when he addressed Chifubu Constituency PF officials, adopted councillors, mayoral and parliamentary candidates in Ndola.

He said although Zambia is mourning Dr Kenneth Kaunda, life has to continue because “we have elections to win”.

“Chifubu is my bedroom and I want to assure that I need to deliver all the 22 constituencies for the President and all the PF. I am part of the history of having served as MP for Chifubu. All the 22 candidates have been accepted by the party and the people on the Copperbelt. On the issue of independents, why should we even worry, we are a party? Let us just motivate the structures. Chifubu is a fertile ground for the President and the councillors,” he said. “We have no choice but to deliver the presidential vote. This is not the time for issues of conflicts. This is not the time, we are in elections and we need to win. Organise this constituency, the entire Copperbelt…The UPND are just using violence to intimidate us. I understand Chifubu because the elderly if they see violence, they don’t go to vote. So let us try as much as possible to avoid any form of violence.”

He said PF candidates should not think that they are popular.

Ng’ambi said the PF is working to retire UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

“These candidates (PF) should not think like they are popular. It is the party which is popular. So don’t think and ride on self-popularity. Based on the party, you have won. For ba UPND forget about them. We need to retire HH in August this year. Even their campaigns, he is not sure of what he is doing. Even the people that supported him, have all withdrawn. This election is serious. We need to win this election at whatever cost. President Edgar Lungu needs to get back to State House,” said Ng’ambi.

And Chilombo said he does not want to think of being in the opposition.

“Ala let me tell you. I don’t want to think of being in the opposition. It is painful to be in the opposition and I don’t want to think of it. So let us go out and mobilise to win. Put enough flags so that we are seen,” said Chilombo who was not adopted to recontest his seat.



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