Indeed common sense is not common among common people.
We will put the spotlight on Mr Nshindano of ECZ because he’s a threat to the democracy of Zambia.
By his schemes he’s trying to alter the voters register and prevent certain demographics of the population from voting.

The current voters roll was developed over a period 10 years from 2005 to 2015, each and every voter on that roll is fully VERIFIED!

So why is this man trying to throw away the voters roll as if it belongs to his mother?

Ni voters roll ya ba noko?

The voters roll is the property of the people of Zambia. We the people paid for the development of the voters roll, it’s fully verified and we trust it.

We will not tolerate Mr Nshindano playing games with our democracy, there will be a huge price to pay for those who try to prevent us from choosing our leaders democratically and without manipulation.

The voters roll was created over 3 election cycles and over a minimum of 90 days in each of the three registration periods, yet we are not at 9 million voters yet.

So where will Nshindano get the new 9 million voters he’s talking about in just 30 days, it means they already have millions on an alternative voters roll that is only known to themselves.

The only amendments that should be made to the current voters roll are ;

1: Addition of new voters

2: Replacement of lost voters cards.

3: Allow those who want to change constituencies, wards and polling stations.

4: Dead people can easily be removed from the voters roll, each death is recorded at the national births and deaths registry. ECZ can easily request for the NRC numbers of the dead from Ministry of Home Affairs and take them off the voters roll.

What’s so difficult about that?

By the way, ECZ is in breach of the Electoral Act of 2016. The law requires ECZ to conduct continuous voter registration. So even the 30 days is illegal and Nshindano does not have those powers in law to limit the voter registration period.

Voter registration should have been happening since 2016 and this is one of the main issues cited in the lawsuit that Pilato and others have made in the case against ECZ at the High Court.  -NDC


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