By Patson Chilemba

Ruling PF Lusaka provincial chairperson Paul Moonga says he has instructed youth chairperson Daniel Kalembe to mobilise party youths to whip the youths who will dare demonstrate against President Edgar Lungu and the government.

And Moonga charged that the people who were yapping about corruption are crazy and foolish, and they are just being used like condoms by politicians who have actually stolen.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Moonga said the party has had enough of the nonsense from the charlatans and minions, saying majority of the youths actually supported the ruling party.

He said ruling party members will pounce on those who dared demonstrate and whip them.

“We still maintain our youth committees, and our youths have said they are not afraid they are going to meet them head on. So we shall see who has a bigger number,” Moonga said. “And I have told Kalembe go ahead as well go and demonstrate meet them head on. We will pounce on them. Let me assure you we will pounce on them.”

He warned the youths to dare try demonstrating.

“I have told Kalembe if they are going to demonstrate you go head on and we shall see who is a bigger family, who is controlling who. We will pounce on them, we won’t allow any nonsense. I am not going to allow any nonsense in Lusaka Province. And let me warn this through you Patson, tell them that provincial chairperson Paul Moonga says that you try to go and demonstrate we shall whip you,” Moonga said. “If the police can’t do it, us we shall take them on because I have enough muscle, enough manpower and I’m in control of Lusaka Province. Let them go and try elsewhere, may be they can go and try in Moonze. Let them try in Lusaka, let them try in Lusaka. We will whip them. Enough is enough. We have had enough of this nonsense from mere charlatans, these minions.”

Moonga said there was no substance in the allegations people were raising against the government, saying they should not be used like condoms by politicians.

“Which corruption? People are just yapping. You know yapping? People are just crazy, and foolish. These are just people who are being used like condoms by politicians who have actually stolen. Right? Youths of Zambia should not be used by anybody else,” Moonga said. “You can’t just wake up one morning ati o there is corruption. Where? Corruption is just a word, who has corrupted who? It takes two to tangle. If I say am corrupt, with who? You can’t commit adultery alone. It takes a man and another married woman to commit adultery.”

Reminded on the 42 fire tenders, Kitwe-Ndola dual carriage way, and the ambulances, whose cost Zambians have questioned as inflated, among several other goods procured by government, Moonga dismissed the assertions against the government. He said there was no country in the region that was growing as much as Zambia was right now.

“Which inflation? Do they know the price, are they even civil engineers? Do they know how to do the bill of quantity? They know nothing. Let engineers be engineers, let doctors be the doctors…but in Zambia you find people are the jack of all trades and master of none. Let teachers be teachers. Let people understand that these are professional fire tenders,” said Moonga. “They know nothing. Somebody hasn’t even purchased a car in his life, (yet they are saying) corruption, it’s too expensive. What is expensive? Lusaka has been transformed there is no country today in the region which is growing as Zambia today. The expansion of the roads, the network, everything, talk of infrastructure development in Lusaka there is no country in the region at the rate Zambia is growing.”


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