Press statement for immediate released from Gilbert Liswaniso, Deputy National Youth Chairman UPND



The past few days has seen the PF showcase their thuggish character, in blatantly sidestepping any decency by behaving like animals and brutal savages who care nothing for lawful and civilized behaviour. We have been patient and watching from the terraces hoping they would change but to no avail.

Unless the PF thugs are made from special material that defies the force of gravity, then we shall fear them. Unless the PF savages’ blood is made of another colour than the normal human red colour, then we shall be afraid of them. But if they are made of flesh and blood which we are made which they are freely spilling from innocent citizens, we will now face them head on, tooth for tooth, nail for nail and panga for panga. We the UPND youths will not retreat nor surrender, we shall defend ourselves as mandated by the constitution of Zambia, which outrightly allows people to defend themselves once faced with naked aggression and cowardly acts from criminals and primitive political thugs. Defending ourselves is within the laws of Zambia.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda and PF Muchinga Province Chairman Simuyemba have declared war and are behaving as though they are above the law. At their order, their thugs attack Radio Stations and beat up journalists who cover our President Hakainde Hichilema, so what are we expected to do considering that the Police have folded their arms?

What constitutional right do they have to balkanize our country where our President is not allowed to visit or speak in any part of the country he chooses to visit?

From today onwards it’s a different ball game altogether. We dare PF thugs to touch our President or any of our members and supporters or indeed any Zambian, we will meet them head on and will speak the language they best understand, panga for panga. We shall defend our constitutional right to interact, associate and speak freely as enshrined in our constitution.

Gilbert Liswaniso
Deputy National Youth Chairman


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