PF provincial chairman MCC Kufuka kufuka has said yesterday’s defectors were just an opportunists who only joined the party when it was already in power. He said the party actually did a very good favor by adopting them leaving their staunch supporters behind during last year’s general election.

In an interview with BBN this afternoon in Mongu, Mr Kufuka said, I wish them well, and that the party is not shaken, all of the defectors joined pf party after forming government apart from Mr Honzy Mang’wato.
However, our Pf party structures and generally membership is still intact. No branch , ward , constituency, district or provincial has defected.

It’s our displeasure to note and see that the people we gave jobs as district commissioners and some we adopted them have left. It’s their democratic rights to choose wherever the wish to be and we wish them all the best in their political life. As a party we are now focused on rebranding so that come 2026 we bounce back into power, concluded Kufuka.


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