“We will strip n@k£d at Community House to stop Hichilema from breaking the Constitution”- Saboi Imboela


Saboi Imboela writes:

Our mothers like Mama Julia Chikamoneka and others had to strip for this country to get independence.

Maybe HH wants to see our breasts and G-strings to stop violating the Constitution. We shall go and strip for him at Community House… If the men are failing to run this country, we can’t fail to bring order as women. We have never failed. HH be warned…


  1. Please don’t strip naked because your body is that of an old grape and a great grandmother. In other words you have a shit body

  2. Just strip will be happy to see the black shapeless cellulitic buttocks with spider veins running from the gluteus maximus to the Achilles tendon. Remember Hh is married to a princess not you n’ganga, who belongs to the marine world. Bumaswe inge si curios sakwa mukuni village. Stop dreaming. U will strip alone lihule

  3. Madame, it’s you who will break the law, what you want to do is live pornography and pornography in whatever form is prohibited in Zambia. Moreover it could have made a bit of sense if you talked of Parliament, but you are talking of Community House, why Community House? Do you have any other agenda? I don’t think anyone will allow you to even go through the gate. But honestly speaking, others had promised to do the same if HH won the elections but up to now we are still waiting. Others offered their dicks to be chopped, but up to now, we are still waiting with our sharpened knives. My advice Madame, bakamitambila fye you won’t achieve anything by such an action, you are our Mothers and don’t put politics on on top of your motherhood. If you do that, kuti mwasebanya umwana wenu Yesu, we are a Christian Nation. Just wait for 2026, you will have chance to remove HH if at all you will manage, otherwise you still have a long way to 2031.

  4. You, Saboi, Kateka, Nawakwi, etc stripping!! You will frighten even horses stiff. You are beautiful women ❤ but this is not your time to be flaunting your features.
    Instead of playing with Ghosts in your dreams, there are some boys who can make proper use of your madness.
    Abena Edith Nawakwi may not even get a volunteer to help with lubricants; perhaps a rent boy for a very exhobitant fee!!
    Simply put, dont even try it, it’s not worth it unless you prehire some rent boys. Those features….kaya!

  5. Hyna type of sharp madam ghost sperm she is thinking of removing of her clothes to try to woo men yavuta ndikit no one to play around with it, please buy peins from shops they sale you start servicing your problem.we are not interested to watch your black thigh or some one cheated you richeness if people they are going to watch your chinena?

    • Better still nawakwi can just start supplying sausages yo all these women. Am sure it’ll be cheaper. And is chikamoneka also part of this strip act? Yaba it’ll be tiliki!!

  6. Saboi, why do you invite attacks on yourself voluntarily, choose what to say on the political arena, some ideas are double swords. Look at what you have now received in return by talking about unnecessary things


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