We wish to warn President Hichilema and his govt that the time of reckoning is coming-KALABA

Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba

By Citizens First President Harry Kalaba

LUSAKA, Nov 14 – Citizens First is deeply concerned at the wanton disregard for Constitutional provisions in the discharge of duty by the UPND Government.

The recent removal of the Chief Registrar of Society, Mrs. Thandiwe Mhende, for her refusal to effect changes to office bearers in the Patriotic Front is another case of blatant abuse of authority by the Government.

While we are aware that the dismissed Chief Registrar has had her own shortcomings and as Citizens First we suffered mistreatment at her hands, we hold a firm belief that she is entitled to rules of natural justice and we urge the Government not to act emotionally in dealing with the matter at hand.

It’s even more worrisome that the act to punish the Chief Registrar comes only a few days after the release of the Pastoral letter by the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops in which they advised the government on a number of wrong things happening in the UPND administration.

The continued display of irregularities in the manner the UPND is governing the nation appears to be very well choreographed and can no longer be regarded as mere omissions.

For instance, we observed with regret the abuse of Police officers to provide security to a PF faction perceived to be sponsored by the ruling party, we have seen attempts to implement State capture of both the legislature as well as the Judiciary by the UPND administration.

Further, we have continued to read in the press allegations of corruption in certain ministries concerning single sourcing or cancellation of contracts at the whim of a minister without due regard for the laid down procedures.

We are not surprised that the nation is degenerating into a state of lawlessness because the President seems to think that what’s happening within his government is normal otherwise, he would have acted to stop the rot.

It’s very clear, we may not expect any corrective measures from the Head of State who himself is costing the nation huge sums of tax payers money by his insistence to stay at a private residence instead of the official residence designated for the President.

The desperation by the UPND Government to hold on to power at any cost is very evident for every Zambian to see and they seem prepared to break the same law they swore to protect.

We wish to warn President Hichilema and his government that the time of reckoning is coming and they will have to account for all illegalities they are perpetrating.

Issued By:
Citizens First


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