Hon. A . L. Lufuma Defence Minister Kabompo Constituency MP


By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Minister of Defence Hon. Ambrose Lwiji Lufuma MP has emphasised that the Zambia Army upholds discipline, professionalism and integrity which are among the core values of the military.

He has disclosed that the matter of youths that were brutalised and beaten by some military personnel in Luapula Province, is under investigations and culprits will be disciplined.

Amidst the irrational and drowning voices and keyboard warriors of the praise singers, you would think that the abnormal had become normal in this country. That the abuse of state institutions as seen in the past, would continue unabated.

My view about this was beginning to crystallize when an official and irresponsible statement was made by the Director General for Civil Military Affairs, Brig. General Genoh Muke, who clearly condoned the inhuman treatment and torture of the boys and trivialised the entire matter by saying; “A few slaps do not constitute brutality”.

It is therefore gratifying to note a leadership display by the Minister of Defence, Hon. Lufuma expressing commitment to national values and condemning inhuman treatment and torture by the officers.

Members of Zambia Defence and Security Officers are among the well-taught and highly disciplined in Africa and this upholding of these values are confirmed by repeated good reports about the Zambian personnel that participate in international peace-keeping missions across Africa.

So some were confused about the two cases.

While the insults issued by the youths against the President are unacceptable and must be condemned, the illegal and excessive reaction by trained personnel, who even committed grave offences in the mistaken belief that they were upholding law and order and were clearly trying hard to impress their superiors and the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, was disappointing.

The law regarding criminal defamation of the President will remain a constant subject of law reforms because we, as a people, aspire to grow our democracy.

It was impressive to note that the Human Rights Commission, the Law Association of Zambia and other entities demonstrated and applied progressive pressure against abuse of state institutions and called for disciplinary action against the rogue officers.


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