Well done Hon Stanely Kakubo for resigning as Foreign Affairs Minister – Hon. Miles Sampa


Well done Hon Stanely Kakubo for resigning this afternoon as the Foreign Affairs Minister of Zambia. It’s the honourable thing to do than wait to be fired. In this way you can always return upon clearing your name.

It’s commendable also that President HH moved in swiftly on this cash Dollar-gate Zambians were greeted with this morning. The first line that the President ‘has accepted the resignation ‘ tells volumes in the World of politics. The now former Minister may have been given the first and second choice . “Resign or I fire you “.

Whichever way it’s what we asked for in the earlier FB post today. Many Zambians asked for same on many social media and radio platforms. It’s been given or achieved.

Next ‘ask’ or step is for the Nation to be told the truth if not allow investigative wings to do their job.

Miles B. Sampa, MP
Patriotic Front (PF) President


  1. This Sampa boy doesnt understand anything. And since when did he become president of PF. The best Sampa could have done is just to keep quite, because he’s also very corrupt. Now Kakubo will expose Sampa because he knows all that has been going on between Hichilema and Sampa. Sampa is telling Kakubo about aspec in Kakubo’s eye, forgetting the log in his own eye! That’s a sign of Sampa being very dull. Resignation of Kakubo is not anything better because it shows that Kakubo has accepted the accusations, and is liable for prosecution, thereby denting Hichilema’s government image! It would have been better for him to be fired so that Hichilema shows that he knows nothing about the whole deal! But asking him to resign, leaves raises a lot of questions, and leaves a questions unanswered in the Upnd government, starting from the top most. Are there other government officials involved?

  2. I think I am blessed to be able to sniff out a conman when I see one.

    And HaaSampa is a conman, just like his sponsor.

    Do not let him fool you. Pure nonsense.

    Kakubo was a dead man walking as soon as that video became public.

    • HH is showing world class leadership…. HH has shown us how it is done!!!!! HH was the one who appointed AND HE DAD TO ASK KAKUBO before even the ACC or DEC….

      Cabinet Minister and ANY OTHER PERSONS are different. A Minister is under the watch of the president!!!!
      Go and hang yourselves guys if you aren’t happy…..!!!

      • Anderson, do you live in Zambia or Panama?

        Some things, people should learn to be just quiet and absorb the shame.

        Insoni, ebuntu. Ask someone to translate it into your language.

        • Indigo….. That’s exemplary leadership which HH has shown. The ACC can now start their work.

          HH has shown classical leadership. I know that’s what is paining you. ….utter jealous is what is eating you my brother!!

  3. Mile Sampa is Judas Escariot who thinks Kakubo has resigned on his accord when the truth is far from the truth.
    Kakubo is a chief and does not need any praise or sympathy from those people who are suffering, handicapped, marginalised and brutalised by the police, ACC, DEC and the Judiciary. He just needs to payback the money to the Chinese
    The word resigned is being misused and misleading.

  4. What is Fraudster Miles Sampa saying ? This man has no decency. Let people who have credibility talk about Kakubo. Not you Miles Sampa. You are a Fraudster, a forgerer, a crook and alleged suspected murderer in Mbandu’s death. You should be in Jail , Fraudster Sampa ( the son in law of Hakainde according to Rachel)..and if you had connections with the death of that young Evelyn Hone Student may you never have peace for having stolen the future of an innocent girl.


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