By Cephas Chisange.


We applaud Honourable Ackson Sejani, Local Government Service Commission Chairperson for moving in quickly to conduct a staff audit at Lusaka City Council.

This is exactly what the people of Zambia voted for. I have heard many people complain and condemn the President for not firing Cadres holding key position in government institutions who are still loyal to the *finished opposition PF.

Please calm down, I advised few days ago, it is not Constitution and right for the President to lower himself to such levels, remember his mission is to unite the nation. The people to clean the system are those responsible for such institutions where opposition PF still boast to control. These are people with Powers now to Carry these audits to remove the unqualified Cadres and ghost workers promoted by PF.

This is a great move and Honourable Ackson Sejani should be commended for moving in to set the standard. We hope and pray that those who were afraid to clean the system from other institutions can learn one or two things from this move.

Let those who are qualified get the jobs so that we have professional Civil Servants in our Country. Don’t allow Cadres subotage government programs, it may be too late to remove them. You have given them chance to repent but it seems they still have a feeling of love for PF. I can assure you, PF Cadres in local government will never learn or change, corruption and illigality is in their blood,the only cure is to fire them or do a total blood transfusion. To those willing to work with the government of the day, keep them if they are qualified even if they were brought by PF.

We love you Honourable Ackson Sejani , hope this exercise will not die a natural death as we wait to see how Mr Mumba , Chairperson of the Civil Service Commission will tackle the same issue of Cadres and ghost workers in the Civil Service.

Mine is to open your eyes .

True Son of the soil.




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