Doreen Mwamba

DOREEN Sefuke Mwamba says Zambians should stand up together and change the direction of the country next year.

Mwamba is the UPND national trustee.

She asks why those in power today are distinctively wealthy while the governed are noticeably poor.

Mwamba says she stands in solidarity with young Zambians who recently took to Facebook to grieve about the current bad governance.

“Our children, nieces, nephews who are standing up [to speak against bad governance], I stand with them and I support them. I’ll be there for them. As a leader nganshilandile nomba (if I don’t speak now), ninshi nkalanda lilali (when will I speak)?” Mwamba said in an interview. “It’s us who call ourselves leaders who need to stand up and stand with our children. My vote is not a secret…It’s not a secret that I’m in opposition and I’ve no apologies no make. It’s not a secret that I’m opposing corruption, inequality, repeated violations of human rights and public finance mismanagement.”

She underscored that Zambia could not be silenced by the corrupt.

“We’ll not be silenced by the corrupt. This is our country and we’ll stand up for our country. Ine nalipela amaka kubana bandi (I’ve given power to my children), nensambu nalibapela isha kulanda pafya fikansa ifyacalo (I’ve also given them rights to talk about the country’s politics),” she said. “They have that right to stand up and speak about what is affecting them in the country. We can have a better country if our leaders respected us and also respected themselves.”

Mwamba complained that PF government leaders had failed to understand that they were in those offices for public service.

She reminded government officials that it was citizens who hire and fire.

“Zambia yalinonka (is wealthy). But we are seeing leaders in the Patriotic Front getting rich. They are living well but us the governed have no jobs, we have no food. Therefore, we are asking why?” said Mwamba. “Why is it that those in power have job opportunities, they are eating and generally living well? What’s going on? So, 2021 is a year of transformation. It is our chance to change the direction of this country. But we need to stand up together to change the direction of this country.”


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