WE’RE BRUISED…if UPND decides to cut deals, we’ll regard them enemies – Pilato

By Charles Tembo

WE ARE not scared to defend the institutions of democracy even from State House itself, says Chama Fumba.
Fumba, popularly known as Pilato, says “if the UPND have decided to cut deals with those that robbed us, we will ignore the UPND and regard them as enemies of the people.”

In a Facebook statement yesterday, Fumba said he has been wrong before, not one time, but many times and he is not scared of being wrong again.

“We are not scared to stand up for the decency of our people whose dreams have been shuttered by corrupt practices in this country. We are not scared to scream at criminals even when our government has surrendered. The millions of our young people did not vote for them to be fooled by those they trust. We have lost so much already. We are not willing to lose anymore. We have been insulted way too much by those that stole from us. We will not allow any more of that. We are a bruised people. We will not surrender now not even tomorrow,” he said. “If the UPND have decided to cut deals with those that robbed us, we will ignore the UPND and regard them as enemies of the people. If this is the path they have decided, we will do exactly and even more of what we did to the PF. We defend ourselves and our humanly dignity. Those that are cutting deals with suspects, are doing so in their personal capacities. People voted for change, not of political colours. Democracy should mean more than just changing the names of suspects. If voting doesn’t change our reality, what else will?”
Fumba said he would not surrender or go to sleep.

“We will not relent. We will not surrender. We will not go to sleep. We will do what is within our power to defend ourselves from criminals and from those that are cutting deals and fools us with rhetoric,” he said.
Fumba said he was not ashamed to be wrong.

“I have been wrong before, not one time, many times. I am not scared of being wrong again. As a matter of fact, I grew up believing that my own existence was wrong. Every time I spoke in public, I did so because I wanted to be less wrong not to be correct. It is not my business to prove people wrong for me to be right. I don’t want to be right simply because the other person is wrong. My petitioning of the JCC [Judicial Complaints Commission] was done with the understanding that the DPP’s [Director of Public Prosecutions] office was operating under the influence of external forces which at the time was from Mr Lungu Milingo’s lawyers. My argument was and remains that the current DPP misconducted herself when she acted to protect a suspect instead of the Zambian public,” he said. “I also argued that the current DPP acted on instructions or influence to enter into a nolle in favour of Mr Milingo. This argument is premised in my understanding that the DPP’s office is an independent office and is insulated from outside influence. This holder of this office is trusted with the power to represent the interests of the people to an extent that he or she is protected by the law from interference.”

Fumba said the revelations that State House entered into an agreement with a suspect and went ahead to instruct the DPP to enter into a nolle prosequi, “is even more worrying because again the DPP has allowed her office to be influenced by State House”.

“This again is a problem. If the DPP acts on instructions from State House today, what will be our conclusion tomorrow when another nolle is entered into? What integrity is remaining with the DPP’s office? What will inspire public confidence in that office? Is the DPP’s office only there to prosecute poor people and not the wealthy? Is the judicial system in this country only to punish the economically punished individuals? If State House and the DPP are quick to cut deals with rich suspects, then what is the option for poor suspects?” said Fumba.


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