WE’RE HERE HUNGRY…chasing flies from our faces while our friends are eating soft things – UPND official


WE’RE HERE HUNGRY…chasing flies from our faces while our
friends are eating soft things – UPND official

By Richard Luo in Sinda(The Mast)

KAPOCHE Constituency UPND chairperson Tedson Zulu says the time for Edgar Lungu to reign as president expired when he was voted out.

Speaking to officials in Mchembwe ward recently, Zulu told his members that former president Lungu is back in active politics but that Zambians are not stupid to vote for him again.

“Kapoche is lagging behind because there are a lot of leadership challenges and this is a reason why you see PF eating meat while us we eat manga. But that doesn’t mean we are not in the right trajectory. But the damage which the previous regime left is huge, which has given our President, Hakainde Hichilema, a big task to correct things for our own benefit,” he said. “You may think maybe we or those on top are enjoying but what you go through it’s all of us. I use my personal money to build the party through meetings when I’m not the MP or councillor but passion for the party makes me do that. Let’s be strong because today we are here hungry just chasing flies from our faces while our friends are eating soft things. But one day if you don’t relent, you and I, we shall benefit. It’s true from the time we formed government we haven’t received soft things but they are coming. Don’t worry.”

Zulu called for intense mobilisation in view of Lungu’s come back.

“I think you have heard that Edgar Lungu is back into politics. All that should allow us to fortify our grounds so much especially here in Kapoche where we have an opposition member of parliament, opposition councillors, making it hard for our party in power to breath. However, don’t worry as Edgar Lungu can’t win because he died politically and he can’t come back,” said Zulu. “Let’s work hard and have our own MP. And like that we shall be proud and confident of receiving good things, and respect will be restored on you because even on such meetings the MP could have sent something for our food.”

Ward information and publicity secretary Smoke Banda urged Zulu to do a good job befitting the party and the public in 2026 by adopting someone who will be at the heart of the people.

He complained that poor adoptions made the party lose in Kapoche in 2021.

“Let’s copy from PF who are very cooperative and considerate. What affects the progress of the party is when others benefit while others not. But when you see PF they share anything they receive and like that they keep their connections tight unlike us. If we copy from PF we can do better. If we want to win in 2026 let’s share what we find,” said Banda. “We are suffering now with Eric [Mwale] but later you the same top officials will receive a foreigner and introduce him to us as a candidate than a person who is in touch with the people and like that we won’t achieve our goal. When that time comes give us a candidate who will be approved by the wards and someone who is liked by the public. And like that I can assure you we shall win. But if we remain divided we will be surprised with what might happen.”


  1. Those PF thieves stole alot for them to compare to stealing!!! Dear HH means back to square one where one has to work hard and get what you deserve. Handouts are long gone.
    God loves you dear. If you want free money from the devil join the devil. The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t.

  2. Continue folding your hands and expecting handouts from your party and you will have more flies on your face!
    Learn to be Self-sufficient!
    Continue looking down on the only Occupation God gave man and you will continue living a miserable existence!
    You behave as if you are the only person who supported UPND. How about us who even sold cattle to sponsor the party and we are not asking anything in return?
    Umuntu Mutwe!
    Use your head and hands and stop living the life of a beggar!
    Where is your sense of self-worth?

  3. Some people are just fools and will never cease to be so. What was this gentleman eating before UPND came to power? So he was supporting UPND so that he can come and start eating if it wins and form government. Just think of how many people supported UPND, some lost their lives, others lost their jobs and others their livelihood, which party or government can feed or appreciate all those people individually? There are a lot of opportunities this time and those who are hardworking and use their brains to plan, they are benefiting a lot and their lives are changing. But if you are just lazing on the lazy man’s chair everyday, you will be a perpetual complainant and you have to blame your laziness. I’ll ka grant, ka booster nangu ka starter, tonse mukangiwa sure, then kaya.


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