We’re reversing PF’s illegal land allocations – Nkombo


GARY NKOMBO, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development said the sale of land by party cadres was common under the PF and in some cases, it involved leaders.

“At a time when we took over office, we found road reserves and common land sold. The PF found it fit to give out land and never took into consideration the future generation. These are the problems we are trying to resolve and solve.”
“It is just a matter of time, we will reverse what went wrong 


    • And former VP Inonge Wina doesnt have property there? Be honest and say Politicians are the ones that got plots there instead of UPND as they were not in authority dishing out those plots.
      PF colluded with them in hope that the issue will die a natural death. You and Indigo lack objectivity in your statements. Partisan hacks….

  1. Mr. Nkombo and many of your collegues live in area that was designated as a forestry. The Sinda farm that Tasila says she bought for K 300,000.00 was a forestry.
    This announcement should not be selective, neither should the state be saddled with compensation to individuals when they knew that what they were doing was illegal.
    We are also aware of individuals who live at the Ministry of lands, State House and institutions to get favours in the name of UPND. Whether caders or not, create a transparent and due process. Not the partian outbursts that the Minister of Lands made about rewarding cadres. It only undermines what you suggest in this statement.
    If the rule of law is going to be upheld. Reading the rigourous attempt the US embassy has kicked Zambian corrupt practices from their midist is admirable. The fight is on-going, but we need to be serious about the scourge if like Cholera we dont want it back again.
    Lead by example.People are not interested in lipservice rethoric.


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