West African bloc revokes mission to Niger


Niger is upset because the West African group cancelled their visit due to plane problems. The plane was supposed to take most of the delegation from Abuja to Niamey.

The leader chosen by Niger’s military government complained about Ecowas, a group of West African countries, because only Togo showed up.

Ecowas said they didn’t come to the country with the military leaders because their plane had technical problems. They didn’t mean to disrespect the country.

The group from West Africa said they will plan the mission again as soon as they can.

Ecowas has put strong punishments on Niger because a coup removed President Mohamed Bazoum in July.

It has asked for President Bazoum to be let go many times since he was kept at home.

The group has said they might use their military and stopped doing business with the country that doesn’t have any coasts.

Niger’s leaders wanted the meeting to make things better with neighboring Ecowas countries.


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