By Dickson Jere

I may not be privy to the criteria used to award these women who have excelled in their professional lives from Barotseland. The women awarded have powerful CVs…

But I think Mama Inonge Mutukwa Wina should have made the list – I mean the first female Vice-president of the Republic of Zambia.

Actually, the first female elected Vice-president as runningmate…that should have been on top of Ambassador and CEO of parastatals which is below the veep position…I may have missed the reasons for the omission, forgive me!


  1. This ommision has surprised every five sensed person. Why leave this very important personality who is a bonafide lozi from Baloseland?

  2. It would have been good if she was also awarded. However, why did she ha e to wait until now for recognition. Why was not recognized even within the last seven years. It happens every year?

  3. What has that old hag done except to perpetuate PF wrongs using her office including personally such as getting plots,in forest 27. She actually deserves title of worst vice president ever!


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