What about those from western province serving in UPND govt, what is their position on the issue of cessation?- Lucky Mulusa

Lucky Mulusa
Lucky Mulusa


The past few weeks have provided us with spectacular theatrical performances in the politics of identity. This has notably been from two provinces of Zambia: Western and Eastern. Of interest is the fact that the leading proponents of special treatment or desire for shift in current disposition have players who when they served government never proposed what they are demanding currently.

But what is even more intriguing is the difference in the reaction of those that are currently enjoying job and economic opportunities in the Zambian government from both regions. While beneficiaries from the Eastern Province came out with guns blazing distancing themselves from the “Umodzi ku mawa” agenda, those from the western province serving in government have stayed mute and neither denying harbouring beliefs in the claims of cessation nor distancing themselves from the proponents of the Barotse agenda.

Should we then infer, that the “Umodzi ku mawa” proponents from the Eastern province are more protective of their personal subsisting personal beneficiation dispositions, than their western province counterparts in government who are ready to sacrifice their positions in furtherance of the Western province cessation by not stating their personal positions? Should we be reading something from western province leaders in government who have kept silent despite the president they serve coming under severe attack from the cessation proponents for his response on the matter?

Should we then say, proponents of both matters are driven by desire for personal inclusion and beneficiation and that the western province cessation agenda is actually deeper than meets the eye? In crafting permanent solutions to both issues we need to delve into personal interests, which are falsely made to represent a broader and profound regional or provincial agenda.

HH wakeup and smell the coffee, for the western bound train is slowly drifting away without you on the controls though the Nkoyas and Mbundas are providing a reliable cushion. But then, what about those from western province serving in your government, what is their position on the issue of cessation?

Lucky Mabenga Mulusa (LM)


  1. It’s identity politics at play by some people from both regions that are actually well-represented in the HH administration. Unfortunately there’s no dialogue on both issues as what has been happening is just mere issuance of media statements. It’s hard to say how much following Linyungandambo commands in Western province but there’s no denying that they’re vocal on the Barotseland Agreement issue. But there are also other voices such as the Nkoya and Mbunda royal establishments that stand opposed to any move to restore the Barotseland Agreement. This complicates the whole issue for government and most informed people would understand why the do-nothing stance is being preferred. After all, there’s no urgent situation on the ground as people of Western province continue to enjoy full rights of citizenship in Zambia.

  2. Nice piece, Lucky Mulusa! I also have been wondering about the positions of those Lozi UPND cadres serving in the lofty positions which Hakainde has given them.
    Talk of people like Situmbeko Musokotwane; Charles Milupi or even the Zambia Army Commander, their silence is too loud to ignore.
    They are all quiet when Hakainde is on wire with those Linyungandambo junkies daring and insulting him like one of them.
    Its dishonourable and hypocrisy of Milupi and Musokotwane not saying anything.
    The only correct and true position is that these dishonourable men cannot be trusted and are in fact supporting of not sponsoring cessation for Western Province.
    So, HH should smell the coffee and drop them; this is about politics and they can’t have it both ways. Kangombe is even confused, issuing incohereble statements as if he is drunk although at the bottom it, you find he is one of the main cessationists.
    HH is truly dining with snakes, serpents from Western Province and he will get bitten by one of them soon.

    • Chilyata, I have no reason to agree with you. Musokotwane and Milupi are quiet because they have no authority to speak for the Barotse Royal Establishment. They’re of course subjects of the Litunga but they’re also citizens of Zambia and therefore have the constitutional right to serve in government. The two have never been known to speak on the Barotseland Agreement both when they were in opposition and in government.

      • Speaking on Barotseland is not the same as being part of BRE. There’s duplicity in not speaking out when they hold an opinion or affected by the secessionist.
        Don’t be cowards you Lozis, don’t hide behind the Litunga.
        Look the Mbundas and Nkoyas have come out clean on this one. You should also redeem yourselves. We don’t want people that are flip flopping.

  3. Mr. Mulusa, please don’t start a fire which you won’t be able to quench. You can talk about umodzi kumawa, and also Kola foundation which you have conveniently not mentioned. As for the Barotseland issue I think there’s nothing that requires UPND members from western province to state their position.
    The Borotseland issue and position were stated in 2012 through the BNC which was officially attended by the Zambian government and some diplomats. That BNC was covered live on ZNBC TV. There hasn’t been any other BNC since then.
    The UPND members from western province are neither spokespersons for Barotseland nor are they Barotseland diplomats to Zambia.

  4. Please note that there is no official organization in Zambia known as Mbunda Royal Establishment. The Mbunda royalty is in BRE and this has been the case since Mbundas were received in Luyi land ( Barotseland)

    • This how greedy, selfish and duplicitous the BRE can be. You think you banish the whole Nkoya and Mbunda tribes into non existence just like that? You and your Litunga are dreaming. The Nkoyas and Mbunda are Zambians living in a unitary state. They will never be Lozi subjects and they remain Zambians in their own rights. Forget about your own outdated Lozi Chiefdom.
      What kind of strange people you are; trying to have it both ways. Lozi politicians want to cessation and stay in the Zambian as well – sure nonsense! Your chief Lubosi should wake out of sleeping and start playing his traditional job. No wonder, you have remained the most backward undeveloped province in Zambia. The Lozis expect Lubosi to develop their sandy and dusty province. But Lubosi is busy sleeping expecting Ngambela to be doing his job as well.
      The result is a disastrous underdevelopment of the whole province. The Chief is always sleeping and doesn’t want to lead. How can a province develop? Don’t blame Zambia, do something yourselves.

  5. Go to UK now and think you will be allowed set up your chiefdom just because you’re offered citizenship. There are no new chiefdoms in Zambia. All the chiefdoms were carried forward from what they were before independence.

  6. Lubosi litunga and his cohorts should be arrested for abating and helping advance the evil and apartheid agenda by the Colonial masters. Lots of blood was shed to fight the Colonial powers and get independence while the litunga and his cohorts were dining with the enemies of the African people. Let’s forgive but NEVER forget what these sellouts did.

  7. Why should you force people in a fight they don’t want to join, you are the chaps who were forcing people to fight over trivial issues when you were young, you are the guys who would put soil in your hands and urge the antagonists to hit your palms to spill the soil and declare the fight on

  8. To advance their evil imperial empire (which was meant to dominate and loot the african people), the British administration carefully installed selected local chiefs under a program of indirect rule through the local oligarchy, creating a network of british-controlled civil service. The african chiefs, under these protectorates, were first enticed with basic goods/materials, then made to sign unreasonable concessions while being promised protection and finally used as puppets to help advance imperial motives. This is what the Litunga and his supporters and some of our lozi brothers and sisters want to be proud of today. Being proud to be TRAITORS and SELLOUTS. We will fight imperialist motives from the past, the present and those in future.


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