Following numerous and uncoordinated efforts to explain the language or indeed the words “pa munyoko” by some politically motivated groups which unfortunately may have little knowledge or indeed totally ignorant about the two words, we wish to state facts as this:

1. Pa munyoko is a widely used and acceptable word by some Zambians and it simply means give (pa) your friend/brother or a relation (munyoko) and figuratively, it also means don’t be selfish/greedy but learn to share.

2. And in apparent reference to the UPND President Mr Hakainde Hichilema or indeed any other Zambian conversant with the words, it was being used to mean that there is so much gluttony in the alleged corrupt PF regime such that citizens are going without proper meals and because of that they need to share or indeed give others (pa munyoko).

It is not Mr Hichilema’s preoccupation to be explaining lingual issues but he understands that this is a full preoccupation for the minority who survive on tribal rantings.

Mr Hichilema is working round the clock to ensure that all Zambians are united and given job and business opportunities as opposed to calling them “Utupuba” like the PF leader Edgar Lungu did recently.

Having said that: It is Mr Hichilema’s sincere hope that citizens will continue going to voter’s cards registration centres and get voter’s cards as that is their voice.

He assures the youth, women and the old of a better tomorrow once elected President of the country during the next elections.

And share the little you have with MUNYOKO.

Issued by:

Brian Mwiinga
Deputy Press Secretary to the UPND President.


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