What Edgar Lungu Said, Is What He Could Have Been Advising Hichilema If The Two Were Talking- Kalaba

Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba

…Police must stand down

I have received queries from members of the press seeking to hear our position as CF on the statement by the 6th Republican President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu following the continued abuse on himself and some members of his party from the government through the state sponsored Police.

Our take is that the caution Dr. Lungu was giving is very timely advice and any well meaning leader must take with open arms. Instead, our Police force is planning to effect an arrest on the former President as a way of sending fear in him and the rest of the citizens who feel disenfranchised by the shrinking political space.

What Dr. Lungu raised as a concern, is what he and president Hakainde should be discussing if the two had a cordial relation. If indeed as president Hakainde had said in one of his public appearances that the two were talking, these are issues that the former head of state should have been advising the president about, but in the absence of that channel of communication, he is left with no option but to use the media to send timely warning to his successor.

What is worrying is that, while Dr. Lungu was raising his concerns around the cause and effects of a brutal police force and a diminished political space, it is ironic that the police command had opted to ignore the cause and decided to focus on the effect. The truth of the matter is that going by the hunger and anger levels in the country; the police should be thankful to Dr. Lungu for that advice to the head of state.

We call upon the Police to holster their guns and stand down on their plans to effect an arrest on the former President. He highlighting the Effect, let President Hakainde deal with the Cause which is police brutality and diminishing political space. These are facts and the advice is timely.

We have heard people arguing that to whom much is given much is expected; but we would like to know what has been given to President Lungu to expect much from him. The last we checked his salary, his security and all the privileges due to a former head of state were withdrawn. In the eyes of President HH, President Lungu is just an ordinary citizen so why don’t you want him to speak out for the suffering masses when things are not going well?

We ask the police to stand down and re echo the concerns raised by Dr. Lungu to president Hakainde. This country needs healing and food security, arresting political opponents will neither produce food nor will it heal the nation but will only help to ignite it and divide us further.

Harry Kalaba
President – CF (A member of the United Kwacha Alliance)


    • As usual, missing the wood for the trees! Just deliver on your promises and 2026 will be yours without the need to rig the vote ,Bob will be your uncle!!!!

  1. Mr. Kalaba is advising that an alleged crime should be ignored by the Police.

    Police have a responsibility to follow up on any alleged crime, irrespective of who is involved.

    Therefore, Mr. Kalaba’s reasoning is flawed.

  2. Ba Kalaba has taken leave of his senses. Under Mr. Lungu’s rule, the Police were 10 times more brutal as evidenced by yhe number of who died at the hands of the police. Nsama Nsama, Vesper, young Mugala, Chibulo and others. How many people have the police killed under the current government?

    Ba Kalaba, what Mr. Lungu uttered is inexcusable and trying to justify his irresponsible statements only make you look foolish for lack of a better word.

  3. Kalaba is becoming more useless everyday, if Lungu and HH are not talking, is it a passport for Lungu to make alarming and careless statements that he is making? How many times did Lungu sit with HH to talk when he was in office? Is he not the one who arrested HH 15 times? Let him sober up otherwise he is making himself a potential candidate for Chimbokaila and Mukobeko, maybe they will do some correction there. No one is above the law, as a lawyer, Lungu should know that he is commuting treason and when the law visits him, he should not cry persecution. We want peace in this country and not chaos.

  4. Police have even waisted time. In KK time or even Chiluba Lungu would have already been at mukobeko or even in Kalabo for rehabilitation.
    He should thank HH for the way he has managed this country All these to Nawakis and Neembe should have been in Chainama or even Kabompo for rehabilitation.
    Ba kalaba has so far failed to come up with issues to convince us to join his party. How can you justify a criminal act like what ECL said. We have said we are a country of laws and Harry you want some laws to be buried under the carpet. Treason is strait forward, let ECL explain what he meant. No jokes here.

  5. And the idiot is calling a criminal ati Dr, Dr in criminality? STUPID IDIOT. What advice can a headless and vision less imbecile give to anyone? Advice to loot, plunder, murder, gass and steal? STUPID IDIOT.

  6. Harry Kalaba is now coming very unrealistic and unreasonable. He has lost all manner of decency, honesty and morality. He is now a pathological liar and as deceitful as all the other members of the Awisi Tasila and the Wailers band ( UKWA, or is it UKA).

  7. When Kalaba resigned from PF I was one of his followers in politics, he was upright and reasoned beyond many BIT now I don’t know what is going on with him. Completely brain washed and thoughtless the worst is the team he has joined is all group of old rusted write offs and suddenly become one. They are contagious and infectious and Kalaba has been contaminated and infected with old “thought” school.

  8. Police should put Kalaba and the rest of the UKA Alliance affiliates on surveillance! They are speaking and confirming the same criminal intention with their mentor ECL!
    We don’t want anarchists and criminals near the corridors of power!
    If they smoke Chamba, they need to go in for rehabilitation ku Mukobeko!
    Incitement of an insurrection and any desperate attempt to remove a Democratically elected president from office is high treason and all in support of such rubbish should be treated as enemies of the State!

  9. Probably Kalaba has a thick head to know that Lungu’s statement borders on Treason and he should be matured enough not to trivialise the statement with his foolishness. Lungu is an adult and Kalaba is not his spokesman. We know that all this noise about the BRE Lungu and the PF have a hand in this. You can see this from the timing. Lungu is using the money he store to make sure he doesn’t face the court for all his crimes. He had expected the government to take action on PF & himself immediately after the elections. Due to the time that it has taken to get him to account, he has run on rampage to ensure it doesn’t happen by firing pre-emptive punches to force the governments hand so that if the state acts he can claim victim of political persecution. The government should act promptly and give Lungu what he wants. The government shouldn’t be scared of how it’s going to be perceived by the international community, but should act decisively and hold Lungu accountable. We’re sick and tired of Lungu. The government should also start freezing his assets both locally and overseas. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    • This man is paroting for his own stomach. Nothing else. Anyone who care about other less advantaged citizens among us, will think about those in the villages who grew up less fortunate and live in a vary basic state.
      This givernment is making that difference. They are not perfect but are making a humane difference, something all those paroting that PF or anyone in the opposition fails to tell us what they will do neither do they have a better alternative plan to deal with the debt mismanagement that PF left and now want to suggest they are better. At doing what i ask? Cheating people that giving them money has hand outs is productive?
      Teach a man to fish and he wont be hungry tomorrow instead of giving him fish, the addage goes

  10. Before UPND came into power, I said if it did come into power it was likely to be the most intolerant regime. This was because it’s members and leaders had demonstrated lack of tolerance for opposed views. We are seeing this already. Younger academic colleagues I gave my opinion to who supported UPND and have decided not to support the UPND any more come back to me and tell me how misguided they were to support UPND. Whether people like it or not there is growing hunger and anger in the country. Even in UPND strongholds, we are hearing people complain. On the copperbelt, there is growing anxiety and fear things my spiral out of hand and we may witness what we have never witnessed before. Let us learn to be sensitive to the situation of the suffering in Zambia if we are to save Zambia. Otherwise, we are courting a conflagration that may consume us all. There will be no winners in this conflagration!

  11. For the information of those calling for action against ECL, bear in mind he still has a large following and people are saying there was not this hunger under his rule that we are experiencing today. Trying to intimidate him through arrest and incarceration will only make him a hero. The views of a few on social media and in the political arena who hate ECL with a passion are not the views of the majority Zambians on the ground with no access to social media and still love ECL.

  12. Ba Kaoma, so if Mr. Lungu has a large following, he should not be arrested even if he breaks the law? His nemesis, HH, was arrested over a traffic offence and incarcerated for 127 days on the pretext of high treason. He also had a huge following.

    Mr. Lungu must face the full force of the law even if the majority of people adore him. It is about law and order, justice. Not popularity.


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