Davido finally speaks out.

On November 8, 2020, news hit the internet about the unfortunate death of Zimbabwean socialite and businessman, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure who died in the early hours of Sunday November 8, following a fatal car accident he was involved in along Borrowdale Road in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital city.

According to the news, the Zimbabwean celebrity was reportedly speeding down the Road when all of a sudden, he got involved in a head-on collision with an oncoming Honda Fit. The impact of the accident caused him to be thrown out of his Rolls Royce Rave. Not long after the high impact crash, the super expensive Rolls Royce car burst into flames which went on to engulf and kill the other passengers in the car.

Sadly, the 3 other passengers who were with Ginimbi died right there on the spot. He died merely hours after sharing a video of himself heading out for the birthday celebration of the woman who unfortunately died in the car accident as well, Mimie Moana. They had earlier been celebrating Moana’s birthday at the Dreams Nightclub. Ginimbi died at the very young age of 36.

This story is so sad and it caused news around the continent very quickly after it was announced. One person who took the news very hard was none other than Nigerian superstar, Davido, who apparently was friend to the late socialite.

In a new interview the singer did with DJ Cuppy on her Africa Now Radio with Cuppy show while promoting his new album, “A Better Time”, the singer opened up about the death of Ginimbi and the lesson that his friend’s unfortunate and untimely death taught him. Below is what he said.

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In the interview with DJ Cuppy, Davido first remembered the people whose lives were lost during the unfortunate Lekki Toll Gate shooting and he talked about how his song, FEM, became a sort of anthem for that protest and how he had the courage to go out and be an activist He said about that:

I got my courage from all the other youth that went out there before me. They had been protesting for days before me. So I’ll say those people gave me the courage especially the females, the women that were there protesting. When I first got there they were attacking me and people were even angry at me that why am I just coming? Where have I been?

The next day, I went to see the Inspector General of Police and it was not really productive if you ask me. What I mean by productive is the fact that they did not act on our demands. In the picture of me that circulated around social media where I was sitting on the floor with my hands in the air, all I was trying to do was to inform them that I come in peace. I watch a lot of news and protests that are staged all over the world and that is what I see them do. That is why I asked everyone to sit on the floor. It was amazing to be part of that.

Fem being the anthem for the protest was just a matter of timing. I recorded Fem since May. I did not see this coming. When I released the song, I realized that three weeks later everybody was singing it at protest grounds. When I went to the National Assembly building they said that I went to record a song for them. I had to explain to them that I had recorded the song since June. I was happy that they used my song as a voice for a non-violent protest.”


Naturally speaking about all that has been going on all the death and chaos going on all over the world, the conversation turned to Ginimbi’s death and Davido who was friends with the deceased said about his death and the lesson he learnt from it:

I feel like material things are just becoming useless to me every day. I just lost a friend he is from Zimbabwe, he was my very close friend. He was an amazing and a very great and loving guy, Ginimbi. What did he not have? He had it all. At the end of the day what his death made me realize is that all we have in this life is the air we breathe. You might be poor or rich but whatever situation you find yourself just be happy that you are alive.

A wonderful lesson to learn if you ask me. Truly in this life, the only thing we have and can be grateful for is life and breath to live every single day we see. A really good lesson indeed Davido!


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