What had led the ECL and his alebwelelapo crew to find themselves outside their secretariat ku wire yesterday?



Authored By Mupishi Jones

What had led the ECL and his alebwelelapo crew to find themselves outside their secretariat ku wire yesterday?

One day,a young man trapped a live frog into his basin whilst scooping water from the river.He took that basin home and placed it on the stove.Switched the stove on and started adjusting the temperature upwards.

Instead of the frog jumping out of the basin when the water was getting warm, because of its pride and arrogance,it decided to display it’s strength by bulging, shrugging and shaking itself.As it was shaking itself,goose pimples started appearing on its entire body.Little did the young man know that through shaking itself, the frog was adjusting it’s body temperature to that of the water in the basin surrounding it,thus suiting the surrounding environment The higher the young man adjusted the temperature of the stove upwards, the more the frog shook itself to equally adjust it’s body temperature to suit it’s surrounding.

The young man kept on adjusting the heat upwards and the arrogant frog kept on shaking itself in order to adapt to the new temperature.The young man kept adjusting the heat until the water in the basin containing the frog reached boiling point.At that point, when the frog was deciding to jump out of the boiling water,it failed because it exhausted all of it’s energy during the process of shaking and bulging it’s body.This was because the process of shaking and bulging it’s body to adjust it’s body temperature,drains a lot of energy.Despite several attempts to jump, the now exhausted and tired frog did not have enough energy to make it until it finally died in the basin.

The question is what killed the frog?

I know most of you, would say it died due to the boiling water.Others would say the frog died because of the young man who kept on adjusting the heat on the stove.

But the truth of the matter is that,what killed the frog is it’s stubbornness, arrogance and above all it’s inability to make a decision to jump out of the basin when the water temperature was still favorable and whilst it still had fresh energy to jump!

What is the moral of the story?

Procrastination is the thief of time.

The former PF leaders of the alebwelelapo crew had an opportunity to elect new office bearers of their political party as per their constitution but kept on procrastinating.ECL and his alebwelelapo team had all the time to correct things in the PF but because of their indecision, arrogance and stubbornness, they kept on running the party through appointing themselves on acting positions and expelling and suspending their perceived challengers.

Therefore,they should not blame anyone for their misfortunes but themselves!

Similarly, there are still those who still suffer from indecision, thinking ECL and his alebwelelapo crew will one day soon come back to power.

The bitter truth is that by the time their fantasies and illusions will be over, and when they’ll be coming back to reality, they’ll have no more use or energy to cross over to the PF of Miles Sampa!

In Bemba,they say ” lunshi uwa chipwena,nomupampamina ,bamushikile pamo nechitumbi”

What do they think ECL and his alebwelelapo team would come back and do in government which they did not do in their seven years in power?

From their arrogance speeches,tone, and body language, these are just coming to accomplishing one thing… deal with those they think betrayed them!!!
I submit

Mupishi Jones


  1. It will be very unfortunate for someone who is a Zambian National to think that pf in their 7 years of being in power didn’t do anything tangible. It is equally not wise to think that what Sampa did to illegally assume the leadership of pf is something to celebrate about. Only people with evil type of minds will celebrate such kind of illegally acquired leadership. May God our creator help us in this undesirable quagmire.

    • God has no time for fools my dear. These are a bunch of bird brains and they are reaping what they sowed.

      They focussed on Hakainde and offered the party top seat to a clever boy…period. there is no illegality. They didn’t want a convention because Lungu told them he was coming back.

      Their procrastination due to spinelessness has cost them big time. HH is innocent. The longer they take dreaming HH dribbled them the deeper their troubles are getting… congratulations to Sampa and his advisers who saw the vacuum and jumped on it. After all it is his uncle’s party. Balya bonse nibamwisa. They found him there. I feel sorry for Mulenga Sata…the weakling. He was supposed to be the one causing these headaches to the party hijackers.

      I rest my case.


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