what if the PF reacts in a manner other than taking a civil ,legal or political action,what would happen then- Hon. Binwell mpundu

Binwell Mpundu
Binwell Mpundu

Hon. Binwell chansa mpundu write: ATI MILES HAS EXPELLED 9 MP’S

I would like to appeal to my brother Hon MILES SAMPA to summon his conscious and realise that his actions can cause serious troubles in the country.
Firstly our economy is on its knees and holding 9 parliamentary bye elections would be suicide .

Secondly what if the PF reacts in a manner other than taking a civil ,legal or political action,what would happen then..

Ala bane all these countries we are seeing that are at war were once as peaceful as our country.Let us safeguard this peace by acting right.

This is now getting out of hands bane because you are now drawing the entire country into this fracas.Holding bye elections is drawing the entire country into a party’s squabbles.


  1. PF overates itself, they think PF is Zambia and Zambia is PF. Try to bring that criminality to the fore and the rule of law will catch up with you, criminal gangs!!!

  2. Good candidate for interrogation on inciting on change of a democratically elected government by unlawful means on circumstantial evidence. Government should not take these comments lightly because we have been watching an accusation by diamond TV circulating that ECL is implicated in the Rwanda rebels issues. Maybe they have recruited some of these rebels who ran in Zambia for refuge who knows if they can speak this openly it means it’s their last option who knows maybe their only option now. Sad for someone to think the ECL,LUBINDA, NAKACHINDA and MWAMBA faction is Zambia. They need to be fished and the earliest. I hope HH is regretting his direct to easily release criminals that are a threat to national security so easily.

  3. That is stupidity. There are more than 19 Political oarties in this country why does PF think they are more important than others. Party Politics is your private business why should it affecct Public at large. To tell you the truth some of us do not care whether you form another Party or completely disband.

  4. Mpundu your seeming dilemma is simple. First you will join mwine chisushi behind bars and for rest, Ratax and Doom will be used for all the cockroaches and ba Koswe! Hope its clear!

  5. But that’s what this Upnd-ead government wants, because going to courts is not working, so it’s use means outside court. Upnd-ead are looking at themselves as champions when they are very big failures. This is only party that had failed the people so much since independence. Zambisns are dying from hunger, Zambians are suffering, but Hichilema is busy with illegalities to perpetuate his rule. It’s not him to decide to rule the people of Zambia, it’s the people of Zambia to decide. And if they insist on ruling the country their ending will not be good as God is very annoyed with them.

  6. It’s simple binwell,as of now let all pf mps respect miles as a pf president while battling their rangles in courts than accusing the ruling party of having a hand in their confusions,HH is a man of principles this faction will be talking ill about him but he will not respond to them,look at what happened to GBM when he resigned from upnd,the man started talking rubbish to demean hh but hh never responded upto date,talk of chishimba kambwili and the likes of chilufya Tayali they all talked faeces against hh but upto now hh is quiet and will never respond to rubbish just like now the pf and m’membe will be vomiting rats to say hh is behind the squabbles within pf but the man will never respond to rubbish, let the pf solve their problems than involving others


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